Work experience

Work experience

Author | Illustrator

Billy Pavlos Publications

Writing and Illustrating 3 books

The Key [Young Philosopher thoughts 1] Poetry

The Box [Young Philosopher thoughts 2] Poetry

Life [KidsBook for all ages] Story about life on earth

Aug 2012 - Present

Creative Director

Web layouts


App design

Media design

Logos and brand design


Directing art Ideas and projects

Mar 2013 - Apr 2013

Gifts - Souvenirs - Jewelry

Hope | Elpida | Ia - Santorini

Interior Design, Graphic Design

Nov 2009 - Feb 2012

Accessories Designer - Art Director

Billy Pavlos [Freelance]

Personal Branded Accessories

My field:

-Accessories Designer

-Trend research


-Online Selling (Website creator, Facebook, Online Advertising)

Nov 2008 - Nov 2009

Accessories Designer

Nicolis Group inc.

Jewelry & Accessories trade company

My field:

-Accessories (Jewelry, Shoes, Bags) Designer

-Shop window designer

-Exhibition junior interior designer

May 2007 - Oct 2008

Art Director

Ω Door 2 Door ltd.

Food supply Company

My fields : 



-Product Branding

2006 - 2007

Promotion & Bar tender

2006 - 2004

Junior Interior Designer

Jella Theofanous (Free lance Interior Designer)

- Furniture Design

- Trend research

- Product research

- Autocad sketching 


Jan 2004 - Jun 2007

BACHELOR OF ARTS with Upper Second Class Honours

MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY of London (in collaboration with Athenian Artistic and Technological Group AKTO)

MP 316 Main project: Playboard ( Polymorphic gaming boards for Kids )

DISS 315 Dissertation : Surfaces and Patterns

INDP 254 Product Design (Main Project FOOTWEAR & ACCESSORIES)

INDP 244 Technology and Materials (+Fabric patterns)

INDP 234 Ergonomics (Polymorphic Cloths)

INDP 224 Marketing (Art Director, Design Management)

INDP 214 Illustrator Drawing 

INDP 263 Computer Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino, 3D Studio max, Autocad)

ID 122      Interior Design 

Jan 2002 - Jul 2002

Glyfada's Institute of Fine Arts

Preparation for Athens School of Fine Arts exams 

1994 - 2000

Roza's Papa Vezirgi Art School




Art projects generaly



Video Edit

Adobe Premiere Power Director


Greek | Native English | Advanced

Other Skills

-Computers (Easy to learn almost everything, currently running Windows 8, wishing to run Mac - Painting ( Acrylic, Dry pastel, Tempera, Watercolour, etc.) Sculpting ( Clay ) - Writing ( Poetry, Philosophical thoughts)       3 Published books. visit for more info - Driving  

3D Modeling & 2D Design software

  ·        Rhinoceros ·        Adobe illustrator

Photo editing software

·        Adobe Photoshop  ·        Adobe Lightroom 

Office software

·        Microsoft Word  ·        Microsoft Excel ·        Microsoft PowerPoint ·        Microsoft Outlook ·        Microsoft Windows XP ,Vista, 7 ·         Internet


  • Conference "Panorama Design" 2006
  • Lecture of Architect EduardoSoutoMoura - Athens Concert Hall
  • Lecture of Architect AlbertoCampoBaeza "Materialized idea" - Athens Concert Hall
  • Conference "Design in our lives" with PascalAnson, MichaelCross and Stergios Delialis
  • Lecture of Architect Alexander Tompazis "From theory to practice, from practice to theory. Two sides of same coin" - Athens Concert Hall
  • Lecture of Glenn Lowry director of Museum of Modern Arts of New York (MOMA) "Featuring trendy: A revolutionary theory on the MOMA"- Athens Concert Hall
  • Lecture IgnacioRamonet Gernalist and Director of Le monde Diplomatique "The new geopolitical challenges of the modern world" - Athens Concert Hall
  • Lecture of Kiki Dimoula on her poetry - Athens Concert Hall
  • Lecture of Dinos Christianopoulos on his poetry - Athens Concert Hall



Jella Theofanous

Interior Designer

John Argyros


Sofia Fragou

General Art Director

Dimitrios Papadimitriadis