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Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,

I hereby apply for any vacancy within your organisation that is in line with my expertise.

Please find my Online Curriculum Vitae in the following formats:

  • The Pdf (Acrobat) version.

More about myself:

I am an experienced Senior Sales manager  with a list of Banking Courses and a Certificate in Manager's Development at the University of Stellenbosch behind my name. 

I thrive in a corporate and  social  environment that embraces diversity, integrity, innovation and initiative. My best value proposition is that I bring intense passion and unquestionable motivation to any team I am a part of. 

Placed on a results-oriented team, I perform and expect only the best of myself and others. 

I am best driven to success when I am within a leadership team promoting people, diverse perspectives, resource sustainability and celebrating success through individuals within the community of operation. 

I am responsive to change and am passionate about embarking on new challenges!


I posses the following skills and aptitudes:

  • My exceptional interpersonal skills allow me to achieve key business objectives by productively engaging with stakeholders of various levels.
  • I have proven interpersonal and sales effective aptitudes coupled with sound commercial awareness and business acumen.
  • Extensive and sound experience in all aspects of normal business, with particular emphasis on relationship management.
  • Out going pleasant personality; Self starter; Emotionally matured and high energy driven!
  • Ability to cope well under stressful situations with High degree of self confidence.

Your time and consideration will be much appreciated!

Kind Regards,



Professional Aspiration & Objective

I strive to reach the highest position in my employment – in relation to my abilities.


Gert Maasdorp - Branch Manager

NedBank - Tel: +264(0)64-414311 - Cell: +264(0)811223092

Pro Rijatua - Retail Sales Manager

NedBank - Tel: +264(0)61-2952751 - Cell: +264(0)811227883

Sylvia Muashekele - Human Resources Manager

First National Bank - Tel: +264(0)65 282 2000 - Cell: +264(0)811430422

Joe Shivute - Branch Manager

First National Bank - Tel: +264(0)65 220 466 - Cell: +264(0)811248165

Personal Information

  • Name - Horaes, Ingrith Jacqueline
  • Date of Birth - 25 January 1975
  • Marital Status  - Married
  • Profession/Specialization - Banker / Area & Branch Manager
  • Nationality: - Namibian
  • Designation in Company - Coastal Sales & Service Manager
  • Postal Address - PO Box 1611, Walvis Bay, Namibia.
  • Contact numbers - +264 81 1227925 (Cell)   
  • E-mail Address - [email protected]
  • Language - English, Afrikaans and Damara/Nama
  • State of health - Excellent
  • Drivers License - Yes 

Work experience

Nov 2014Present

Branch Manager - Oshakati

NedBank Namibia

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure monthly that expenses are managed properly and that it remain within the said budget limit.
  • Ensure monthly that the branch achieve net profit before tax after provisions.
  • Ensure that the branch achieve monthly asset and liability target.
  • Ensure that the branch on a monthly basis sustain NIR growth through quality net transactional accounts.
  • Ensure that the branch on a monthly basis sustain NII growth.
  • Improve branch overall customer service.
  • Maximize value obtained from our BEE partners.
  • Unleash group synergies by cross selling bank assurance.
  • Submit monthly branch reports by meeting deadline.
  • Checking daily branch reports.
  • Ensure that the branch achieve acceptable audit reports.
  • Optimize branch risk & capital.
  • Ensure acceptable risk environment and improved risk reporting, operational losses and teller differences.
  • Ensure that the branch excesses are within acceptable norm.
  • Improve branch staff morale.
  • Ensure that branch staff get adequate training when necessary.
Jan 2014Oct 2014

Sales Manager - Home Loans New Business

NedBank Namibia Retail (Coastal Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Kuisebmond)
  • Key Responsibility:
    • Exceed weekly & monthly targets as set by Head: Home Loans.
    • Client interviews & Liaise with min of 5 agents per week.
    • Product promotion & Marketing responsibilities.
    • Agent & other stakeholder functions.
    • Visit show-houses and special events.
    • Complete H/Loan application.
    • Prepare 5 point plan & recommendation for credit approval.
    • Valuation control and reporting.
    • Weekly sales tracker/return & Monthly reports.
    • Update Call-reports; record visitations on log forms.
Jan 2012Dec 2013

Manager - Sales & Service (Coastal Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Kuisebmond)

NedBank Namibia Retail
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Ensure to Achieve Financial Set Targets.
    • Develop Unique client value propositions.
    • Ensure to achieve advances growth based on client satisfaction.
    • Managing Performance and discipline.
    • Up skilling of Team.
    • Coaching and mentorship.
    • Ensure sales effectiveness.
    • Builds and Forster healthy relationships with coastal key customers.
    • Ensure cross selling.
    • Ensure that excellent customer service are delivered within coastal branches.
    • Train coastal staff on products and ensure that customers are well informed with regards to banking products and services.
    • Completes and consolidate coastal sales reports weekly / monthly.
    • Ensure to keep track on daily sales.
    • Increases loyalty and retention of key customers.
    • Conducts weekly courtesy visits to key customers.
    • Conduct monthly presentations to key customers in order to keep customers well informed.
    • Develop, implement and action monthly sales and service plan.
    • Build relationships with customers by engaging with customers on a regular basis (i.e. customer feedback sessions) and spend time in the branches banking hall interacting with customer.
    • Human resource management (performance management, training, development, staffing).
    • Manage branches staff towards business excellence.
    • Ensure that staff reward systems are in place.
Jan 2008Dec 2011

Area Manager: Sales & Service - Far North Cluster

First National Bank Namibia
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Set objectives, goals and targets for the sales team in line with business strategic objectives.
    • Manage and coordinate sales activities that focus on attracting new clients and expand the micro market.
    • Setting sales targets and monitoring sales performance.
    • Develop, implement and action monthly sales and service plan.
    • Initiate tactics to address negative gaps against targets.
    • Ensure that a realistic and sustainable prospects list exists for each sales person.
    • Through research and analysis obtain an understanding of branch and individual sales performance to identify and optimize the sales opportunities.
    • Introduce and implement  effective product sales plan aimed at each market.
    • Introduce strategies for acquiring of new customers and customer retention.
    • Continuous evaluation and review of sales initiatives in order to adjust and realign, sales campaigns based on realities on the ground.
    • Analyze and Identify, shortfalls and advise on corrective action plans.
    • Identify, develop and maintain synergies within the Group to maximize cross selling opportunities in order to increase sales.
    • Compile, monitor and control the sales and service budget.
    • Manage, supervise, guide and motivate sub-ordinates in the day to day execution of their duties.
    • Introduce and implement service standards within the branches.
    • Running a sales and service forums within all the branches.
    • Leading, mentoring, guiding and training staff to improving their sales skills.
    • Ensure all branches staff is competent and properly equipped to perform sales and service.
    • Manage branches staff towards business excellence.
    • Excellent grasp of “one on one” customer relationship management concept and techniques.
    • Excellent leadership skills.
    • Ability to work effectively in dynamic multi-tasking team environment.
    • Provide regular feedback on sales, service and financial performance to staff (daily, weekly, monthly) and coach staff to ensure branch service and sales targets are met.
    • Build relationships with customers by engaging with customers on a regular basis (i.e. customer feedback sessions) and spend time in the branches banking hall interacting with customer.
    • Human resource management (performance management, training, development, staffing).
    • Ensure that staff reward systems are in place.
Jan 2004Dec 2007

Group Scheme Senior Sales Consultant

First National Bank
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Offer Corporate & Commercial Customers and their employees with Specific Banking Solutions.
    • Conduct Presentations related to Group Schemes.
    • Present full spectrum of bank products to Corporate Customers and their employees.
    • Structured consumer financial solutions to best address the requirements of the varying income market segments.
    • Compile Memorandums of Agreements to Corporate and Commercial Customers.
    • Builds and fosters healthy relationships with corporate customers.
Jan 2002Jan 2003

High Net worth Senior Sales Consultant

First National Bank Namibia
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Relationship Banker within the Exclusive Banking suite.
    • Servicing high net worth customers & Ensure monthly sales targets are achieve.
    • Completion of Balance Sheet.
    • Present customer business cases to Credit Support.
    • Linked customers in respect of opening of accounts.
    • Provide customers with relevant information needed.
    • Co-ordinate activities of the Sales Team which directly reported to the Head of Retail.
    • Develop and implement a strategic Sales Plan – Customer Acquisition.
    • Implement a new Customer Development and Retention of Existing Customers.
    • Visit clients to do problem solving – do cross selling.
    • Provide customer education on various bank products.
    • Identify and exploit new markets/segments/opportunities. 
    • Identify opportunities in utilizing data mining tools to identify sales opportunities within the existing client base (cross- and up-sell). 
    • Increase market share by implementing Get, Keep & Grow strategies.
Jan 2001Dec 2001


First National Bank Namibia
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Interview customers for account opening purposes.
    • Balancing of Bank reports on a daily basis.
    • Handling the queries in respect of Debtor Accounts.
Jan 2000Dec 2000

Call Centre Operator

First National Bank Namibia
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Provide customers with information requested.
    • Follow up customers queries.
    • Provide excellent customer service over the telephone.
    • Cross selling.
Jan 1999Dec 1999

Credit Card Authorization Clerk

First National Bank Namibia
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Handling of all the queries related to credit card customers.
    • Ordering of new Credit/Petro Cards.
    • Exempt payments on the credit cards at the request of clients.
    • Give authorizations to the merchants.
Jan 1998Dec 1998

Information Assistant

First National Bank Namibia
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Receive and order cheque books daily.
    • Filing of cheque books and controlling signature guide cards.
    • Maintain and balance the cheque book library.
    • Responsible for the library cabinet keys and related security.
    • Accurately record and balance credit outstanding.
    • Complete the relevant procedures for stop orders, stop payments as well as debit orders.
    • Complete the relevant forms to transfer accounts.
    • Provide excellent customer service.
    • Perform my duties according to laid down policies procedures and control measures.
Jan 1997Dec 1997

Waste Check Clerk

First National Bank Namibia
  • Key Responsibilities:
    • Number of subordinates – 3.
    • Manage the Waste Department.
    • Responsible for the checking of all the entries in that particular department.
    • Signatory on Bank Cheques and Clearing Vouchers.
    • Handle all the queries relating to Waste Department.
    • Report settlements of local clearing banks to Treasury.
Jan 1995Dec 1995

Various other Positions

First National Bank Namibia


  •   ATM Custodian
  •  Teller
  •  Student Business official
  •  Service Consultant
  •  Customer Care Consultant
  •  Savings Check Clerk
  •  Investment Consultant



On the job Training & Short Courses

First National Bank & Nedbank
  • Courses:
    • You and the customer
    • Sprint selling skills
    • Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Excel
    • Investments
    • Securities Fraud and Forgeries
    • Mandates
    • World of Banking
    • Telling
    • Telephone Techniques
    • A-Z of Sales
    • Presentation Skills
    • Conflict Management
    • Business Skills
    • Negotiation Skills
    • People Management
    • Care and Growth

Skills & Aptitudes

  • Tactical Sales Analysis & Planning.
  • Excellent Presentation & Sales skills.
  • Banking & Home Loans.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Empowering & Developing others.
  • Forward and strategic thinking.
  • Relationship building.
  • Influence & Leadership.
  • Excellent Interpersonal & Communication skills.
  • Results driven & meeting deadlines.
  • Networking.

Portfolio of Employment & Education