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I am a thriving artist who loves the field of Graphic Art. It has given me the drive to expand my knowledge in to the field of Web Design and more so in to the field of Multi-Media. I will go back to get further education acquire a Bachelors and Masters in the Multi-Media world. I wish to work in the industry of movies.

Work experience

Jul 2006Jun 2009

Graphic Artist

San Segal Sportwear

I worked as an artist and a separator for 3 years expanding my creative eye. I loved everything about this job and was very successful.


Oct 2008Jun 2009

Associates of Science Web Design

Eagle Gate College
Nov 2004May 2006

Associates of Science Graphic Art

Eagle Gate College


Learning the art of Web design has been a passion for sometime and i am eager to learn more to be come an expert in web development.
I worked in Illustrator everyday and continue to grow in my knowledge.
I worked in Photoshop everyday and excelled in my knowledge of this program.