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Work experience

Jan 2012Present

Intern in Accounting

James P Greene & Associates

Accounting, Tax Preparation Services:

Prepared Federal and State Tax returns for individuals, partnerships, LLCs, S and C Corporations.

Prepared amended returns for wide range of clients

Was responsible for legal research and analysis 

Was responsible for set up and maintenance of all clients' accounting records for easy access.

Developed a supplemental educational material for Illinois Tax Training Institute

Developed a numeric filing system "Hiroki Code" for client confidentiality assurance


Increased efficiency and productivity of the office, and assured accuracy of all tax preparation

Maintained clients loyalty

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Intern in Finance

World Trade Council


Worked with potential foreign clients and partners (Ukraine, Russia) on opportunities of import/export of computer technologies

Created business plans and provided investment analysis

Financial planning for clients

Forex trading


Participated in web-design of company's website and searching ways to attract new customers 

Jul 2010Mar 2011




Collected data selling points

Created budgets for each week and month, controlled their implementation

Analyzed changes of juice prices in the open market

Conducted analysis of sales dynamic and organizations profit margin

Monitored corporate cash flow

Audited  accounted fixed assets (register, retirement, depreciation)

Maintained accounting of inventory holdings

Presentation of results to the board of directors


Motivated sellers to distribute large volumes of product

Formulated rules for staff and created effective SOP’s

Wrote business plan and forecast sells

Maintained strong customer relations through assertive consumer outreach


Expanded services that brought more clients

Created comprehensive advertising for company

Assisted in promotion of corporate brand in different regions of Ukraine

Researched demographic data for new store


Developed and implemented flexible, fast and strong accounting and financial systems which decreased amount of employees to 2 people reducing operation costs and increased revenue

Opened 4 new stores

Reduced theft at sellers’ work place decreasing costs by 24%

Introduced new product increasing amount of new clients to 15%

Dec 2007Sep 2010

Accountant/Foreign Business Manager



Payroll accounting (accruals and taxation) and accounts payable

Conducted analysis of sales dynamic and organizations profit margin

Audited  accounted fixed assets (register, retirement, depreciation)

Accounted of inventory holdings

Utilized book-keeping programs: 1C 7.7, “Client-bank”

Responsible for bank & cash payments


Conducted analysis of customers, competitors, events and market trends

Explored the market conditions and demand for the company's products

Monitored of the seed markets


Organized and provided supported for meetings and negotiations, accompanied corporate delegations, business trips

Liaised with partners

Jul 2009Jun 2010




Fixed assets and low value items accounting (register, retirement, depreciation)

Managed accounts receivables

Payroll accounting (accruals and taxation) and accounts payable

Accounted of inventory holdings

Manager of foreign activity:

Work with international partner on supplying new building materials

Calculated and analyze the profitability of new projects


Analyzed company’s work of last three years, which helped to find parts of company which did not bring profit and reduced costs of company on it

Developed and introduced new project and created partnership with German company, increasing amount of clients by 35% 

Feb 2008Apr 2008

Internship in Accounting and Finance

Farm World

Financier/Accounting:Analyzed sales dynamic and profit of the companyLearned the accounting program used by companyLearned taxation system 

Manager of foreign activity:

Work with foreign clients of Farm World (preparation documents for sending agricultural equipment to CIS countries)

Represented Ukrainian and Canadian companies at the meetings with John Deere and Bourgault  


Sep 2011Present


Loyola University of Chicago - Graduate School of Business
Oct 2010Present

Candidate in PhD

National Agricultural University of Ukraine

Master of Science in Finance

European University

Graduated with honors, GPA 4



European University

Graduated with honors, GPA 3.94


Managerial skills: Strong leader, who can motivate her team, delegate tasks, make decision and develop each persons potential.

Accounting skills: Forecast company growth and allocate financial resources to increase profit and efficiency.

Negotiations skills: Friendly and sincere professional who creates the right atmosphere for mutual understanding with her colleagues, can effectively resolve conflicts and problems, knows how to handle difficult interpersonal situations.

Marketing skills: Confident and intuitive professional capable of analyzing current marketing trends to create focused and effective media campaign.

Language Skills

Russian (Fluent)

Ukrainian (Fluent)

English (Advanced)


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Register Tax Return Preparer


Enrolled Agent



Genadii Perj

I have worked closely with Inna Chernysh from December 2007 till September 2010 while she has served as a peer advisor and fancier in our sales business development office. Ms. Chernysh is an exceptionally motivated and talented young woman. I firmly believe that she will be successful in whatever she pursues.

Ms. Chernysh has a very sharp mind and is very perceptive in her ability to read people and situations. Inna is strongly committed to the organizations for which she works. She assertively addresses problems and exhibits a maturity beyond her years in her approach to situations.

Inna has digested large volumes of information in her role as Fancier. She has shown the ability to clearly explain complex concepts to our clientele. She has developed very strong relationships with her peers and our professional staff.

I am very comfortable with allowing Inna to represent the office to external constituents. This confidence was evidenced by my recent decision to have Inna accompany a group of seniors to a sales meeting. She effectively interfaced with corporate representatives and gathered a great number of sales leads for our company expansion project.

In conclusion, I am certain that Inna will become a very accomplished business person. She possesses the right combination of drive, intelligence and interpersonal skills to excel. 

Marco Romano

I have found Ms. Chernysh to be intelligent, trustworthy as well as energetic in caring out her duties. She is an asset to any organization and I would recommend her without any reservation.

Inna has been assisting The World Trade Council through Web Design and creating solid business plans. She has helped coordinate our web design and marketing strategies with successful results. In addition, she has shown an aptitude for world economics. I am proud to recommend Inna Chernysh to you—I have found her work, character, and office manner most satisfactory.  She is dependable, eager, and hard working. 

Glenn Shabaga

Inna Chernysh had internship in Farm World as a Financier and Foreign Business Manager from February 2008 till April 2008. Inna was responsible for communication with our clients from CIS countries, supporting documents for international supplying of agricultural equipment, representing Ukrainian company as our client at the meetings with our distributors; also she did financial analyses of sales activity and profitability of our company. During this period she worked in three different departments of our company such as Sales Department, Financial and Accounting Departments and showed good results on these positions.

Inna has excellent communication skills. In addition, she is extremely organized, reliable and computer literate. Inna can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to her. Inna was quick to volunteer to assist in other areas of company operations, as well.

Inna would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to call me.