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To Keep finding challenging and demanding projects in the IT Market that will further enhance my knowledge and skills. And that would also allow me to highly contribute in a solid and professional project. Solid understanding of the software/Hardware action fields for several business branches. Proficiency in a wide range of business tools. Preference for BI / BPM oriented environments Valuable Experience in “End point” solutions and Project Management.

Work experience

Jul 2008Present



Freelance venture for : Data Automation & Control systems Information & Communication solutions Executive information systems DSS Project Managment 2008 - Data automation analitics product implementation in an eletronics manufacturer in UK, has part of an EIS solution.

2009 - Control and simulation escenarios for a production system in an eletronics / consumer goods manufacturer based in UK.

2010 - New product / brand release, in the software market under "Blue Ocean Data Analitics" - BODA. For data production Systems.

2010 - EIS Solution control for a clean energy production company based in UK

Apr 2006Oct 2010



Responsible for the SAGEBI Product Management in Spain, BI/BPM/CPM Project / area Management, 2006 / 2008- BI / BPM Manager - SAGE Finance BI Solution integration resulting in the creation of a new product "SAGE Ecash Analisis" for the treasury market. BI /BPM solutions for enterprises like "AENA", "BEGANO COCACOLA", "CACESA IBERIA" 2008 - 2009 BI / FPM Manager - SAGE DIVISION Integration with SAGE XRT, resulting in the Development / creation of a new SAGEBI brand named "SAGE XRT Treasury Analisis" for the Spanish and Portuguese Financial Market. 2009 - 2010 BI / BPM - SAGE product integration with SAGE AYTOS, resulting in the development / creation of s new HR BI solution. Business as Usual in the Creation of new operational BI dashboards and scorecards for corporate business areas.

Product communication link– Product responsible in Spanish BI forums (FIN, BARC, SIMO), Product communication link with SAGE UK BI international division.

Oct 2002Dec 2005

IT Team

IMS Health (Spain)

Responsible for a 5 person’s team, covering the IT support, DBA, local Project leaders.

Project Management – Implementation and management of a local Intranet.

Support Reporting system. Workload / Work flow Coordination.

Network Admin – Local network maintenance with international interfaces (NT DC, Win 2k servers, win 2k advance servers)

Exchange Admin – Exchange and domain administration, MS Exchange Admin 5.0

Responsible for the support systems - support team coordination to backup development and production teams

DBA – Relational Database system management (SQL) large volume databases. (+ 4 terabytes), olap data model management (Molap) end product to the Pharmaceutical Market.

Apr 2000Sep 2002

Project Planner / IT

IMS Health (Portugal)

Project planner - Data Analyst and production systems coordinator

Production development and implementation – Solution development with VBA, SQL 2000, Cristal reports and VB.

Data warehousing (SQL) – DBA Olap Services– First implementation and presentation of a reporting system using the OLAP DB model and its SQL AS2000 MDX definitions to the Portuguese Pharmaceutical market

Contact point with wholesalers, to coordinate pharmaceutical input data

Oct 1999Apr 2000


Mundial Confiança

DB management for the Health Care Insurance branch Multicare).

Responsible for the DB system migration towards SQL2000



PRINCE2 Practitioner

UK London - Xpertise Training

Computer Engeneering

University - ISCTE (Instituto Superior de Ciencias do Trabalho e da Empresa)


Comercial Ferreira Borges


DEV - R&D - IT
I've been using a wide range of tools in several branches of the dev world in the past 10 years:   In the Business Intelligence area I've start using Reporting services, crystal reports, Cognos, and with the technology boom and market needs I've moved to proclarity, business objects, Excel Add-ins / Microsoft .Net grids, and qlickview, on the Background development I've been using MS SQL 2000 throughout 2008 with both TSQL cod and MDX for SSAS (also 2000 / 2005 and 2008 R2).   For the R&D, i've been using .NET in Visual studio 2005, mainly in VB.Net, ASP.NET always in Data access solutions and also in reporting systems. In MSSQL, I've created / migrated and adapted several DTS / SSIS solutions for several major clients in both UK and  Spanish markets.   Concerning the project management tasks, MS project was and is my default tool to manage tasks times and cost -effectiveness in all my tasks and the ones of my resources, along with the Prince methodology and a good Time -sheet software to report acute time per resource per task     Hardware Technical knowledge- High Level Programming Languages, Visual Basic, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Studio - High Level Relational Databases, , Dbase, SybaseDB2, Access, output data interfaces like Crystal Reports , SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Analysis Services , Business Intelligence platforms like SharePoint Portal or BizTalk HTML, and VBA. – High Level Web development, HTML Java, HTM Style Sheets, Flash. – Basic Level MS Office Suites, 95, 97,2000, XP, 2003, 2007, System Works – High Level Network implementation and support, Win NT server, Win 2000/ 2003 server, UNIX y Novell. – High Level .NET Development (Visual Basic) – High Level Mind Soft Suites – Project Management Level ProClarity Proj Environment - High Level MS Project Suites – High Level Documentum Suites – High Level OLAP platforms- SQL/Oracle, Rep Services, Cognos – High Level      
Executive Information Sistems
To put it a brief perspective: I'm one of those lucky people who got the chance to do, what I like to do since the beginning... Data,, and what can i do with it! Since...i guess..always, got myself involved in some kind of project or idea in how to get data and people in the same "side". Since the times the In-famous access forms, to the "neat and clean" BI solutions of nowadays. If you bring the data to the game, i'll put the KPI's and the Trend ratios!... Got the chance to pass my ideas to the "real" business in companies like: Mundial Confiança (Health Insurance company) IMS Health (Farmaceutical Marketing) SAGE - (3rd software House in the world),    
Business Intelligence
I've been around for the last years, getting valuable experience in the IT market, and contributing to the sector by creating new BI / BPM solutions for a wide range of corporate areas, like Financial, sales, marketing, production, etc either for departmental use or corporate. Manage to create some Product brands in the Sage software portfolio, like SAGE EXCEL OLAP, SAGE FINANCE Analysis, SAGE XRT Analysis that positioned inside the BPM (Business Performance Management) branch.   Also created "pure" BI solutions for large companies like Coca Cola (Begano), AENA, Cacesa Iberia, Aspro Ocio, and severall other Mid-Size corporations.    
Portuguese – Native English - Business Level Spanish - Native French – Basic Level Italian – Basic Level



MAP (Microsoft Active Profesional) 2010



Raghunath Ramadasan

“Antonio is extremely commited to his task, very up to date with technology and all the while he is also aware of the possibilities and limitations of technology. He is an excellent team player, always willing to share his in depth knowledge beyond the call of duty. He is equally capable of working independently as well as in a group with ease, thanks to his excellent people skills in addition to his technical know-how. Highly recommended for any company serious about IT and BI!” February 9, 2010

Mukul Mistry

“As key product liaison at Sage Spain for BI, Antonio was invaluable in dealing with sales and sales operations cross border between the UK & Spain. The success achieved in this region for BI was due mainly to his professionalism, attention to detail and ability to influence internal and external customers alike. Without question one of the best practitioners of BI and overall business development I have worked with.” February 5, 2010

Joao Cardoso

“Still smile when I remember those days when we worked together, every day was a challenge that Antonio embraced with a professional attitude and the persistence of marathon runner that knows that it may take time but will get there and the speed of a sprinter when required. Don’t be scared by is not so happy Monday morning face, his always ready to help and assist anyone that need it.” February 26, 2010