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“Do It Once! Do It Right!” is the slogan of Industrial State Supply. Dura-Coat, produced by Industrial State Supply, is a product that aptly demonstrates the company’s mission: high-quality products that work well the first time. Industrial State Supply’s Dura-Coat is an acrylic coating applied to surfaces to protect them from scratches, water damage, or oil residue. Dura-Coat is available online from Industrial State Supply, and can also be ordered by phone at 877-592-0608. For best results, Industrial State Supply recommends surfaces first be prepped to remove all dirt and debris before Dura-Coat is applied. Extremely large cracks in surfaces should also be filled before applying the coating. After surface preparation, Industrial State Supply’s Dura-Coat can then be applied to the surface with a paint roller. Once Dura-Coat is completely dry, the surface will be easier to clean, since dirt will be unable to settle into any nooks or cracks. Industrial State Supply suggests that customers have the surface square footage handy before placing an order, which they can do either by phone or through the company’s website. Dura-Coat can be applied to garages, tiled floors, and other non-porous flooring materials. Industrial State Supply provides Dura-Coat in a range of colors, including white, black, red, and blue.