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I like learning new things especially from reading books. I am driven to understand how things work, so I like to research things first before working it out. But that is things, not people. I like accumulating insight and knowledge, so I like reading new books, attending workshops, etc.

Other interests :

  • Swimming
  • Financial planning
  • Personal finance
  • Personal development

Trainings/Workshops attended





Field Visit CLTS (Community Led Total Sanitation)

Plan International Indonesia


May 2005

WES (Water and Environmental Sanitation) Workshop

Plan International Indonesia


1 – 3 April 2005

WES Workshop 

Plan International Indonesia


August 2005

WES Workshop 

Plan International Indonesia


June 2006

Participatory Rural Appraisal / PRA

Plan International Indonesia


4 – 6 September 2006

Child Centered Community Development / CCCD

Plan International Indonesia


22 – 26 January 2007

WES Workshop 

Plan International Indonesia


12 – 13 February 2007

Disaster Risk Reduction - Safe Construction

Plan International Indonesia – IOM


14 – 16 February 2007

Program Unit Strategic Planning / PUSP

Plan International Indonesia


9 – 11 May 2007

Autocad dan 3DS Max



September 2007

Community Led Total Sanitation / CLTS

Plan International Indonesia


May 2007

Industrial Wastewater Treatment)

Pusteklim Jogja



Participatory Monitoring – Evaluation

Plan International Indonesia


March 2008

Plan's Child Protection Policy / PCPP

Plan International Indonesia


9 – 11 April 2008

Disaster Risk Reduction – SPHERE Training

Plan International Indonesia



Follow up CLTS – Hygiene Promotion

Plan International Indonesia – Oxfam


23 – 26 February 2009

TSSM (Total Sanitation – Sanitation Marketing) Stakeholder Monev



18 – 19 March 2009

STBM Workshop Pilar 4 Bappenas, Depkes, Unicef, INGOs, Donors


May 2009

WES Program Evaluation-Workshop (Plan Indonesia 2005 – 2008)

Plan International Indonesia, Bappenas, local NGO, independent consultant evaluator, Donor


May 2009

DIP (Detail Implementation Plan) Workshop for WES Plan Indonesia

Plan Indonesia, Bappenas, local NGO, Donor


May 2009



Bukittinggi, Sumatra Barat

18-22 Nov 2009

Orientation of Institutional Capacity Building

WES-Unicef Secretariat, WASPOLA


27-31 Jan 2010

International Conference and Exhibition "Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions in Developing Countries" - Field Visit



23 March 2010

Stakeholder Meeting of TSSM (Total Sanitation-Sanitation Marketing) for East Java Province



23-25 March 2010

STBM (Sanitasi Total Berbasis Masyarakat) Workshop, West Java Province

Ministry of Health - West Java


15 Apr 2010

TOT STBM (Pilar 2 & 3)

Bappenas - Plan 


3-6 Mei 2010

National Meeting of Community Based Water and Sanitation 

Ministry of Domestic Affairs


29 Sept-1 Oct 2010

Global Handwashing Day Seminar

WSP, Ministry of Health


7 Oct 2010


Be a provider for information and solution for many kind of challenges in sanitation programs.

I'd like to join an organization that deals with the development of water and sanitation programs for the poor; has continuous skill and capacity building for the staffs; and has great leadership quality people. 

I'd like to work within project based teams, which comprise multidisciplinary staffs, cross functional skills, smart working experts, various cultures. 

I'd like a job that offers many variations, travels and excitement/novelty, especially in my area of experiences (water and sanitation). 


An environmental engineer, specializing in appropriate and sustainable water and sanitation programs for urban slums and rural area, with 7 years of experience.


Urban and rural environmental sanitation, waste water treatment and design, water treatment and design, sewerage system design, child centered community development, water distribution design, domestic solid waste treatment, community development, hygiene promotion, community led total sanitation.

Professional character

Good team player, self motivated, love to learn new things, continuously seeking improvements, able to work under minimum supervision, flexible, open to changes, willing to travel.


Jul 1995Aug 2002

S1 / Bachelor

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya
Jul 1991Jun 1994


SMA Negeri 5 Surabaya

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

STBM Knowledge Management Assistant

Pokja AMPL Nasional / National Watsan Working Group

STBM = Sanitasi Total Berbasis Masyarakat ~ Community Based Total Sanitation

STBM is Government of Indonesia's National Strategy for sanitation development sector in Indonesia.

It consists of 5 pillars :

  1. Open Defecation Free (ODF)
  2. Hand Washing With Soap
  3. Household Water Treatment
  4. Household Solid Waste Management
  5. Domestic Waste Water Management

The provision of STBM Knowledge Management (KM) Assistant is part of the ESP Service Delivery program and a collaborative effort with STBM Secretariat and UNICEF, to facilitate the development of knowledge management system for STBM.Accordingly, The STBM KM Assistant will support the STBM Secretariat to develop knowledge management systems and information that will be utilized by all STBM stakeholders. 


The scope of the STBM KM Assistant works is at National level and part of the STBM support program implemented by ESP and other donors. He/she will support and strengthen relevant institutions and Government departments as required and facilitate STBM knowledge exchange among National level players. All these activities will be conducted in team an environment involving task-focused integrated working groups, like the STBM and WES Unicef Secretariats, AMPL working group, etc.  He/she will be stationed in the National STBM Secretariat, and be working under the coordination of The STBM Secretariat Coordinator.  His/her performance will be jointly monitored and reviewed periodically by ESP, UNICEF and STBM Secretariat (led by Ministry of Health and Bappenas).

Location:   STBM Secretariat, Jakarta


The main duties for the STBM Knowledge Management Assistant can be described as follows:

·To develop and maintain STBM knowledge management system

oIdentify stakeholders that implementing STBM pillars, (who, where, how, and what kind of materials are developed, ongoing partnerships)

oIdentifying and extracting the lessons learned from each of identified stakeholders, bot at local and national level .

oDevelop knowledge sharing system that also utilizes existing platform such as Percik, AMPL Website, Sanitation Website, AMPL Newsletter, etc.

oDevelop a standard operation procedure for STBM Knowledge Management System.

 ·Support the STBM Secretariat to adopt and implement the Knowledge Management System.

 ·   Perform other duties as requested by the STBM Secretariat.


Apr 2005Jun 2009

WES ( Water and Environmental Sanitation ) Facilitator

Plan International Indonesia

Purpose of the Job :

To provide advocacy, technical, and managerial assistance to the operation of program unit, especially to support the community based organizations, non-government organizations, government functionaries, front-line staff, research & development coordinators (RDCs), and program unit managers (PUMs) to design and implement WES interventions.


The core responsibilities of the WES Facilitator are to:

  • Assist PUMs in developing integrated WES program in coordination with other sectors of interventions;

  • Build technical capacity of front-line staff, NGOs, line-government departments, etc. in coordination with WES Organizers and PUMs;

  • Supervise and monitor WES interventions directly taken up by Plan and supported by Plan in the district;

  • Support carrying out documentation and dissemination of best practices for improving organizational learning on WES issues;

  • Liaise and coordinate with district/sub-district and village government at the interest of Plan’s WES programming and scaling up of WES interventions within and beyond Plan’s program areas; and

  • Carry out activities, as and when assigned by the management of the organization.

Tasks :

The scope of the assignment comprise of tasks as below:

  • Support carrying out baseline and formative research studies;

  • Organize/conduct skill/capacity building of individuals and agencies: volunteers, frontline staff in government/ Plan, community-based organizations (CBOs), non-government organizations (NGOs);

  • Support/guide and monitor field implementation of integrated WES programming covering:

  1. Hygiene, Sanitation and Water Safety;

  2. Community Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation; and

  3. School Sanitation & Hygiene Education projects; within the overall framework of development initiatives supported by Plan, and directly taken up by Plan;

  • Work towards institutional support mechanism in the field towards effective implementation, monitoring, and follow up of WES interventions;

  • Document lessons learnt/ best practices and develop mechanism for dissemination;

  • Develop and nurture district WES networks as a platform of learning and sharing of information; and

  • Conduct regular assessment of WES projects and report to the Project Unit Manager, and provincial WES Coordinator.

Aug 2003Feb 2005

Environmental Engineer staff

PT Maha Charisma Adiguna

Projects done :

  • Evaluasi Jaringan Perpipaan Air Bersih Gunung Mutis – Soe (Pemprov NTT)

  • Perintisan Penyediaan Air Bersih Berbasis Masyarakat (Pemprov NTT)

  • Penyusunan Memorandum Program Action Plan Air Bersih dan Prasarana Lingkungan (Pemprov NTT)


WES (Water and Environmental Sanitation) Facilitator
MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)



Budi Suranto

My former superior at Plan Indonesia

Tofik Rochman

My former superior at Plan Indonesia

Maraita Listyasari

Oswar Mungkasa

My former superior at National Watsan Working Group

Teno Firdaus

My former superior at Plan Indonesia PU Surabaya

Eka Setiawan

My former superior at Plan Indonesia

Lalit Patra

My former superior at Plan Indonesia