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I am a seasoned business executive, a competent business operator, an innovative marketer, a creative dealmaker and a strategic thinker. I have a proven track record in creating, building and leading businesses to success. I have successfully built businesses from ground up. I have led the businesses from incubating stage to profitability. I have developed world-class customers and partnerships. I have created, structured, negotiated, and closed many deals of partnerships, alliances, investment, licensing, joint venture, divesture, and acquisition. My strong business acumen, financial skills, project management experiences, international business expertise, technical competence as well as broad industrial and social contacts worldwide have been an asset to the businesses.

Work experience

Vice President of Business Development

Lead worldwide business development and marketing/sales activities in micro device design and manufacturing services.

§Responsible for market and customer development of company’s micro devices design,

prototyping and manufacturing foundry services.

§Identified four high value and high volume applications for Company’s micro manufacturing

technology and secured world-class customers as development partners and investors.

§Initiated and negotiated two large licensing and turnkey sales deals.

§Developed sales channels in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Europe and United States.

§Raised $15M venture capital funding and $2M agency funding.


President and Chief Operating Officer, CEO of JA Solar USA, Director of the Board

JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd

P/L responsibility for entire business operation.

§  Led the business at an annual growth rate more than 200% in revenue and profit.

§  Formulated business growth strategy and built an execution oriented organization.

§  Built a strong R&D capability and forged venture

§  Found corporate technology venture fund and directed technology investment activities.

§  Directed manufacturing platform development ad built world class manufacturing capability.

§  Led the business to exceed Wall Street expectation since IPO.

§  Successful in $620M fund raising rounds from equity market in 2007 and 2008.

§  Set the world record in low cost production of solar cells.


Managing Director, New Business Development & Chief Strategy Officer

Applied Materials Inc.

P/L responsibility for corporate new business ventures and corporate strategic licensing business.Responsible for new business exploration and development.

§  Built new business development function and developed new business strategy.

§  Key member of the founding team of corporate solar and solid state lighting business.

§  Managed several corporate new business startups with P&L responsibility.

§  Initiated new business initiatives with a pipeline of $1000M revenue by 2010.

§  Responsible for and lead M&A, New Business Development and venture investment in Asia.

§  Responsible for deal pipeline for M&A and corporate venture capital investment.

§  Found and directed Applied Strategic Licensing Business.

§  Serve as Chief Strategy Offer for corporate New Business and New Products Group.


Vice President of Business Development

FlexIC Inc

Led worldwide business development and marketing activities in semiconductor, display, IC, and medical imaging market.

§  Responsible for customer development, marketing and sales worldwide.

§  Identified multi-million business opportunities and development partners as well as customers

in United States, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Europe and secured multi- million dollars contacts.

§  Created multiple technology-licensing opportunities.

§  Developed, structured and executed the strategic partnership deals with 4 leading international

display and semiconductor companies.

§  Structured the exit deal.


Vice President of New Venture Business

Honeywell International Inc. (Formerly Honeywell Inc.and AlliedSignal Inc.)

P/L responsibility for new business operations. Led new business development, investment and operation worldwide.

§  Developed and managed a portfolio of six new businesses that are designed to enable the

Company to enter new and high value business segments.

§  Led the business from creation to profitability. Total business has a pipeline of $500M in three


§  Led and participated M&A activities for corporate new business andtechnology investment

deal sourcing, financial modeling, technology validation, and operation analysis.

§  Led and directed corporate licensing business and generated record licensing revenue in 2000.

§  Served as a co-Chair of the Accelerate Growth Committee.


General Manager, Optical Devices

AlliedSignal Inc

P&L responsibility for building and managing optical devices business that serves imaging optics and telecommunications.

§  Found optical device business and led the business from creation to incubation to profitability.

§  Developed world-class customers and partnerships worldwide. Revenue from year one.

§  Structured and closed joint venture deals with two leading telecommunication firms and

strategic partnership deals with two leading optical device manufacturing companies.

§  Developed manufacturing capabilities and vendors in Europe, Asia and USA.

§  Directed the development and building of the first high volume and low cost single- mode

polymer waveguide manufacturing technology and production facilities.

§  Exited the business with a very attractive offer (acquired by Corning).


Vice President of New Business and Technology

Oce, N.V.

Led global new business and technology development, acquisition and operation. Responsible for development of new technology platform, applications, customers, alliances and partnerships, and joint ventures.

§  Created and built a highly profitable supply business. The Business revenue grew from

$80M to $700M in 4 years.

§  Developed a new business model in OEM business through successful alliances and

partnerships with world-class customers and suppliers.

§  Createdand managed several corporate new business startups from ground up to profitability.

§  Led and participated corporate M&A activities and accomplished a number of deals worldwide.

§  Initiated and executed a> $100M and multi-year purchase contract with Ministry of

Education in China.

§  Raised $50M matching fund from Dutch government to build Oce Ink Jet Technology Center.

This enabled Oce to enter inkjet hardware business.

§  Served as a strategic and technical counsel to the Chairman of the Board.

§  Senior Manager of the Year in 1995.


Director of Core Technology

Polaroid Corporation

Managed the Core Technology Research Center to develop strategic platform technologies for the digital imaging and instant photographic businesses. The center was critically important to corporate new product development and commercialization.


Advisory Scientist

IBM Corporation

Led a group of 16 physicists, chemists and engineers to develop functional materials for color

electrophotographic and ink jet imaging technologies.Recipient of the Division Innovation Award.


Managing Partner

Index Technologies Inc.

P&L responsibility for business operation.

§Built a high growth and highly profitable business from ground up.

§Developed and manufactured display components and packaging films.

§Developed market and customers in Asia and USA and drove business at an annual growth

rate more than 200% from 1985 to 1988.

§Developed six world-class customers in Japan, Taiwan and United States.

§Exited the business with an attractive offer (acquired by Hua Yang Group).



Nanjing University

Recipient of University Scholarship.


University of Georgia

Recipient of Oar Ridge National Laboratory Fellowship

Recipient of University Research Fellowship


Recipient of AT&T Research Fellowship