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Work experience

Dec 1978Apr 2015

Retired Deputy Director

Animal Husbandary, Punjab Government

Animal Husbandary, Punjab Government


Apr 1988Mar 1990

MvSc (In Service Candidate)

Apr 1974Mar 1978

BvSc and AH


Worked as Veterinary Officer in Punjab Animal Husbandary Department from 1978 to 2006 in various Civil Veterinary Hospitals and Sheep Breeding Farm.Worked as Asst. Director/Additional Charge as Deputy Director from 2006 to 2015. Total Experience of 36 years and 4 months in the field of Animal Husbandary.

Text Section

Research work - Effect of some additives on Cryopreservation of Buffalo Bull Semen using Tris-Yolk-Glycerol

Two papers published in IJAR 17(1),1996;52-54 and in Indian Vet. Med Journal Vol20.