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About Independent Living Bullion

Independent Living Bullion facilitates its clientele’s investment in precious-metals markets for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. By selling various precious metals as bars and rounds, and as minted coins, Independent Living Bullion gives clients options to choose the investment amount and also allows investors to consider trends in market performance for each metal type.The company offers coins of different sizes and types, primarily from the United States, Canada, and Australia. The firm discourages investors from sinking their money into rare and collectible coins, and instead advises clients to choose gold and silver products, primarily for their precious metals content. Independent Living Bullion has published a number of articles demonstrating the poor returns on so-called "collectible" coins when compared to bullion coins, bars, and rounds, and it has documented what it views as unethical sales practices by the high-profile promoters of these illiquid "investments." In addition to featuring coins from various countries, Independent Living Bullion commissions coin-like silver rounds, weighing 1 ounce each, and minted with exclusive images. These silver rounds are more easily tradable than a bar and also less expensive than national legal-tender coins.Offering an online catalog of coins in specifiable bullion weights, the company also simplifies client investment through its monthly service. Clients submit their preference for the precious-metal type, form (coin, bullion), and value, as well as the day of the month to lock in the rate. For as long as a customer participates, the company determines the corresponding amount and type, and ships the client’s investment monthly or every three months, through secure, insured delivery services.Independent Living Bullion provides web-site visitors with guidance for long-term precious-metals investment as a substitute for more typical investment strategies, such as paper-stock IRAs. The company also offers news, informational resources, and investment forecasts to explain the risks and benefits of investing in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Gold Prices Fall in Anticipation of QE Announcement from Fed

Independent Living Bullion provides investors with long-term investment options in the form of precious metals. Independent Living Bullion offers a variety of options for gold, including coins, bars, and rounds. More information on its products can be found at investors expected the Federal Reserve to begin winding down what has become known as QE3, or the third and hopefully final program of "quantitative easing" (injecting of stimulus into the economy by creating new dollars in order to purchase U.S. Treasuries and agency debt), gold prices took a hit. At its lowest price since August 8th, gold hit $1,291.34 recently, continuing a price drop that started in 2011.While the mainstream investor may expect this downtrend in gold prices to continue, the smart investor will see it for what it really is -— a discount. Gold has been investors’ hedge against inflation and irresponsible government monetary policy throughout time, and the rise and fall of prices has inversely mirrored the global economic scene. Today, while economists are feeling somewhat optimistic about the prospects for economic recovery, they see gold as having declining utility. However, the economic policy pursued by the Federal Reserve is known as Keynesian Economics, and that approach involves the aggressive use of money printing and inflation to bail out bad economic times. This currency devaluation approach to managing the economy has already led to a 500% increase in gold prices over the past 15 years and it is likely to lead to far higher prices still. Wise investors (including Russia and China) see this temporary pullback in gold prices as a buying opportunity and are acting accordingly.