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Who is Denver, Colorado's Best Inbound SEO Marketing Expert?

For most SME inbound marketing is is a growing piece of the internet marketing pie. In the past few years it's been receiving a great deal of attention.   The practice of inbound marketing takes points from a handful of internet marketing niches such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, Lead Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, etc., which in many ways it has come to encompass.

Denver is a leading hub for techies, SEOs and marketers, so there's no shortage of competition in the Mile High internet marketing scene or for the right to be called the best inbound marketing company strategy consultant in Denver. 

Here's what we know thus far, the Top Colorado Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing Consultant is a Denver entrepreneur, marketer and Yogi whom is innovative, motivated and a highly experienced in SEO strategy consultant and inbound digital marketer.

Experience as Denver Inbound Marketing SEO Consultant


Co-Founder; Chief Marketing Officer

Optimize Up/Agnitio, LLC

Developed SMB search engine optimization services and strategies strategies and put together a team of experts to carry the strategies in the campaigns of clients.  Originator of much of the search engine reputation management  and lead generation strategies that are used by hundreds of online reputation management companies today.

Jan 20102014

Inbound Marketing SEO Executive

Internet Reputation

VP of marketing search engine optimization department at Denver-based online reputation management firm.



Bachelors of Art

University of Colorado

Joe graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with undergraduate degrees in philosophy and linguistics.