A leader in phone-based member relations, Inalink is a professional communications company committed to maintaining association and member connections through personal conversation. Inalink offers a number of services which were created with the intent of developing and communicating clients' brands to their members while also increasing the value of those brands. Inalink delivers as much as 300 percent return on investment for the services it provides and caters the work it performs to suit the needs of each organization. The many services provided by Inalink include lapsed-member recovery, retention, and loyalty programs which establish personal relationships early and maintain them through the Keep-in-Touch program. Inalink also offers future growth plans which consider potential member qualifications, profiling, data refresh programs, and member value studies. Additionally, Inalink offers a full range of services designed to relay feedback from members, which covers everything from products that individuals would like to see to expectations for attendance at conferences and meetings. In the event that a participant is unwilling to renew his or her membership, Inalink prepares a comprehensive report of the individual's situation, compiled and presented to the client promptly to ensure a reduction in further losses of membership due to similar causes. Inalink prides itself on the personal connections it establishes with individuals through its skilled staff. Inalink's relations specialists engage each member as an individual deserving of an informed, personal conversation. By listening to its clients and their affiliates, Inalink offers a unique and personal approach to building relationships between the parties. To contact Inalink, or to learn more about the many specialized services it offers, visit

How a Phone-Based Program Helps Organizations Connect with Members

Specializing in helping associations connect with their members, Inalink is a communications company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These connections are built through one-on-one conversations between Inalink staff and an association’s members. Depending on an organization’s needs, the results from using this type of communication program can be outstanding.One of the biggest benefits of implementing a phone-based member retention strategy is an uptick in reconnecting with former members and, hence, higher revenue. In two recent cases, Inalink worked with an engineering association and a medical association to contact their lapsed members. Over the course of five weeks, Inalink recovered 52 percent and 73 percent of the organization’s respective former members. These recoveries generated an average of $300,000 in dues revenue for both organizations. A second benefit to connecting one-on-one with members over the phone is to increase conference attendance. In one case, Inalink contacted conference exhibitors to propose a highly effective co-marketing campaign that increased the conference mailing by 40 percent. In another situation, Inalink followed up on a conference mail brochure by phone and registered 16 percent of the organization’s new members for the conference.For more information on how a phone-based program can help your organization, visit