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* More than 20 years experience with 10 years defining, implementing and managing international and local IT solutions.

* Experienced creating and implementing Operations, Compliance, Quality Management, Quality Assurance and Testing Services Groups.

* Experienced creating, and implementing from scratch IT Strategic Visions, Business IT Architectures, Program Offices, Project Management methodologies, and plans to support business goals using Mainframe, Client server and WEB technologies.

* Seasoned in Banking and Insurance Financial System, Call Center Technology, Security, Risk Management and Audit standards and processes.

* Experienced in implementing ISO standards, CMMI, Six Sigma (Black Belt) and Software Quality Assurance best practices. Strong experience in all SDLC phases.

* Technical proficiency in Mainframe, Unix, RUP suite, Oracle, Sybase, WEB, and Client Server projects with hands-on development experience.

* Consistently demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and budget constraints while handling concurrent projects and teams.

* Able to establish effective priorities among different and competing requirements leveraging internal or external resources

Work experience

Lead Project Manager

May 2006Jan 2007

Quality Management Director for the Portfolio and Quality Management group



*Create 9 critical SDLC process standards to be followed for all development groups in the company.

*Prepare the implementation strategy for 2007.

*Manage the CM group

*Manage the audit and metrics programs


*        Delivered 9 process standards.

*Created the metrics, surveys and SLA to measure the CM group.

*Defined the Audit and Metrics programs.

Jun 2001May 2006

IT Governance - Compliance and Quality Management COE Director for the Business Solution Center


The IT department supports daily operations and project delivery for the Westfield Group.

IT manages multi-platform solutions (OS/390, AIX, AS/400, Web, Client-Server, COBOL, Java, DB2, etc.).


*        Management of the Quality Management, Configuration Management, Process Management and the Audit groups.(8 people).

*      Definition and implementation of the IT Quality Strategy supporting business goals.

*        Implementation of the Quality Management System following ISO standards.

*        Implementation of RUP (Rational Unified Process).

*        Implementation and assurance of compliance to the Westfield and IT Information Security policies and procedures.

*        Implementation of the IT Process Management (Six Sigma based) and Risk Management (COBIT/ITIL) models.


*        Creation of the IT Governance Unit

*        Created the IT Compliance and Quality Management Center of Excellence.

*        Created and gained approval of the IT Quality Management System (ISO 9000).

*        Performed processes improvements using Six Sigma methodology.

*        Selected and implemented RUP methodology for our SDLC process.

*        Created and gained approval of the IT Near Term and Long Term Testing Methodology. (Defined as EXCELLENT during last NAIC audit).

*        Created and gained approval of the IT Enterprise Configuration Management Strategy.

*        Selected and implemented the CM tools for all platforms (ChangeMan, ClearCase, SoftLanding and Start).

*        Created and gained approval of the IT Quality Assurance Strategy.

*        Defined and implemented the Project Peer Reviews process.

*        Created the Quality Metrics Model for IT Balanced Scorecards.

Feb 1995Jun 2001

Vice President


VP, ELC Collections System Global Project Manager (Feb 2000 – Jun 2001)

With headquarters in London, the Emerging Local Customers (ELC) Collection System supported the follow up of delinquent customer activities in the call centers.The application was implemented in 13 countries (Europe and Asia). It is a WEB application using WebLogic, Java, C++ and HTML technologies.


*        Project Management, including the relationships with the Business Units; defining requirements, presenting technical proposals and estimating operational savings.

*        Analysis of estimations, preparation of the technical and financial proposals for the business.

*        Expense control of the project budget ($4,900,000).

*        Technical Architecture and Project Plan validation for Data Centers, QA organization, Communication Group and Security Group.

*        Responsible for compliance with Citibank’s policies and standards (Technical, SQA, Audit, Security Office).

*        Manage the internal and external development and testing teams in India (53 people, CMM level ).

*        Manage, in a doted line, the technology groups in 13 countries (13 people).

*        Manage the Data Center Group assigned to Collections (includes the communication group).

*        Implement the system in 7 European countries and 6 Asian-Pacific countries.


*        Gathered and gained approval of the Business Requirements from the 13 countries.

*        Prepared and gained approval of the financial proposal with the Business Units.

*        Prepared and validated the technical proposal with the Data Center, Communications and Web Design Groups.

*        Finished the Development, System Test, System Integration Test and User Acceptance Test for the first country (India).

*        Implemented new Testing Model and Software Change Control practices that were replicated for all India Technology Group projects.

*        Implemented the application in India (more than 200 users supporting the Call Centers in 5 cities). Savings of more than $400,000 in the first year of the project by optimizing scope, resources and release/deployment strategies.

*        Created and gained approval of the Deployment plan by the Business Unit for the remaining 12 countries.

VP, ELC Change Control Manager. Based in Fort Lauderdale, USA. (May 1999 – Feb 2000)


*        Created, gained approval and implementation of the procedures, templates, flows and documentation for software change management in production and development environments.

*        Implemented the coordination processes between Program Office (QA, Security and Technology compliance) and Change Control Process involved groups (Poland, Singapore and USA).

VP, ELC Testing Area Head Based in London and Poland. (February 1998 – May 1999)


*        Implemented from scratch, the ELC Testing Area (definition, strategy, planning and hiring of 14 people.

*        Controlled expenses of the annual budget ($4,600,000).

*        Defined and implemented all testing procedures, forms, and documentation flows.

*        Obtained the “Citibank Emerging Markets Testing Best Practices” for the ELC Testing Model by the Citigroup Project Pre-Implementation Audit group based in London. (Best in 83 countries).

*        Implemented automatic defect-tracking tool using the Continuus software.

*        Implemented test-automation using Mercury software (Win-Runner, Win-Director and Load Runner).

*        Defined and implemented the coordination with other ELC groups: Internal (Financial Control Area, Architecture, Security compliance, Regional Technology Coordinators and Regional Operation Coordinators for Latin America, Central East Europe, Medium East Africa and Asia Pacific) and External (CITIL - Software Developer in India- and APPC - Global Data Center in Singapore).Some of these groups are CMM level 5.

*        Key contributor during the definition, creation and implementation of the ELC O&T area, the SDLC model and the Program Office Area.

*        Implemented changes in middleware using CITRIX in order to improve performance.

VP, O&T Financial Control System Head. Based in Fort Lauderdale, USA. (Feb 1995 – January 1998)


*        Implemented from scratch, the Financial Control Systems (FCS) Area (definition, strategy, planning and hiring of 32 people). Managed internal and vendors groups.Moved the area to CMM level 2. Annual budget of $6,000,000.

*        Defined and gained approval of the Business Architecture, Technical Architecture and projects to support O&T FCS.

*        Designed, developed and implemented MAESTRO system (Client Server, UNIX, C++, Oracle 7.x, three tiers). This system was defined to support Financial Control Units in the Caribbean, Central and Latin America (17 countries).

*        Participation in the re-engineering of our Approval Credit process for consumer and commercial loans.

*        Planned and implemented the Data Center to support the regional server.

*        Planned, implemented and tested the Contingency Data Center facilities.

*        Defined and implemented the production support (call center and operations) of MAESTRO system.

*        Defined and managed the day-to-day activities and responsibilities.

*        Defined and deployed a DATA WAREHOUSE solution (PILOT) linked to the MAESTRO system.

*        Managed and improved the Emerging Market Financial Control Repository (DECANO, HP 9000, Unix based, C++, Sybase) for 83 countries worldwide.

*        Created and implemented the development standards with hands-on in critical programming activities.

Jan 1985Feb 1995




*Provided technology services for the Citibank (10 years) and Banco de Santander (3 years).

*        Chief Technology Officer of Invest Banca Casa Bancaria (2 years).

*        Technology Consultant for Ministerio de Obras Publicas' Minister (3 years).

*        Account and Project Manager for several first class Uruguayan companies.


Oct 2005Oct 2007


Jan 2006


Feb 2005


Villanova University
Jun 1997


Universidad de la Republica