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Aug 2010Aug 2011

Bachelor of Science

Concordia University

I recently graduated from Concordia University. Global business, marketing, strategy panning, and project management were my favorite subjects. I would like to develop my career in those in one of those areas. I'm proud of placing in the percentile 94 of all the students in the nation  that took the ETS Major Field exam in Busines during the last year. 

Jan 2009Dec 2010

Associate of Arts

Portland Community College

I started my college experience in the US at PCC. I took classes in writing, accounting, business, environmental science, multimedia, and photography. I was awarded to be in the president's list in the five terms I needed to complete my Associate Degree. I was member of the international student's club. And I volunteer a few hours at the Duniway Middle School.  

Work experience

Office Assistant

Ardoi Basketball Fundation

Maintained ledgers, reported weekly ledger maintenance, monthly financial report preparation, and tax filling duties. Maintained files and licenses of 450 athletes and 50 coaches. Filed reserved medical data. Utilize Microsoft Office suite and a SQL database-based accounting software.

  • Assisted in solving transitional problems between two different file-management systems and accounting methods.
  • Mediated between the organizations interests and the parents’ demands, so parents agreed to pay a 100% raise in the annual fees.
  • Wrote and presented appeals to the competing team’s board of directors. 93% of the appeals were approved.

Other organizations in which I occupied similar roles:

Centro de Medicina Biológica Elena Corrales

Assistant Coach

Club Santa María and Similar Organizations

Managed and organized statistical information and scouting reports to be presented to the head coach. Collaborated with coaching staff in planning and strategizing for games. Produced and translated scouting reports and videos on very tight timelines. Promoted the practice of sports in the community.

  • Organized and scheduled traveling needs of the recruited players. .
  • Solved editing software compatibility issues in Improvised solutions to solve compatibility issues between different software platforms.
  • Welcomed, mediated, and translated for American players in Spain.


Basket Navarra

Club Santa María

Ardoi Basketball Fundation

Basketball Coach

Ardoi Basketball Fundation and Similar Organizations

Developed and coached basketball players. Established processes and communication patterns with assistants. Scheduled practices, and tracked participation. Assigned and negotiated roles and duties with players. Edited and produced scouting videos. Evaluated players’ development. Analyzed, managed, and transferred statistical data. Mediated between organizations, players, supporters, media, and other roles within the system. 

  • Managed coaching staff so their capacities improved. Approximately 33% of the coaching staff was promoted due to fast development of their capacities.
  • Voted with fair-play award in 2008. 
  • Aided in the development of 5 future professional player
  • Managed 2 basketball camps with over 70 participants


Ardoi Basketball Fundation

Basketball Federation of Navarra

Basketball Federation of Cantalunya

Project Coordinator

Similar Functions in Various Organizations

Planned, developed, and evaluated volunteer programs and events. Coordinated communications and file management between individuals and organizations. Scheduled periodical meetings to evaluate progress in the project and plan for contingencies. Designed and edited documents to promote events and educate participants. Negotiated material purchase with suppliers and donors.  

  • Planned and developed a program allowing 13 groups from different Universities establish the processes that would allow them to conduct an international research about environmental volunteerism.
  • Coordinated basketball program with over 24 coaches during 4 years. Children participation grew 50%.
  • Contracted and supervised the design of


Association of Sociology Students of Navarra 

Ardoi Basketball Fundation

Basketball Federation of Navarra


Microsoft Office Suit
Native Spanish speaker


  • I am a communicator. I'm responsible, analytic, and capable. I'm happy to help. I'M A TEAM-PLAYER!
  • Excellent computer skills, able to generate successful reports with short time lines
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suit. User knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint.
  • 4+ years of experience as project coordinator, 15 years as basketball coach, and 4 years as office assistant
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English.


Traveling, reading, basketball, sports, photography, learning, environmental issues, permanculture