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My interest is to become involved with my career interest and work hard to get there. I have developed the interest to become unique when it come to projects, distributing task in the work place , as well as, being creative when I perform in the work place. I have learned that my interest in writing helps me develop character and acquit the vocabulary when speaking and presenting.


My objective is to develop experience in the medical field no matter if that means joining volunteer groups, internships, or school. It is very important to me in doing these things I will gain wisdom for my future career.

Work experience

Oct 2009Dec 2009


Allied Health Internship

  • I helped my instructor develop a medical group at Liberty High School called HOSA 
  • I filed papers as well as record grades in the grade book
  • Organized blood drives at Liberty High School
  • Helped develop oraganization for the H1N1 Clinic vist at Liberty High School


Aug 2007Present

General Studies

liberty high school

Cover Letter

Glendale Community College


When it comes to my organized technique it has never let me down. I found that being organized is very helpful when in a work environment. Using my organizing skill has helped me develop neatness, develop the ability to perform better, and be on time when task are given.
I am capable of using this ability when needed in a task. I have been recording and filing medical records for 5 years when task is given. I have used this skill in cosmetology establishments as well was asthma and allergy institute within the last 5 years and am quit talented at this skill.     
My typing skills are put to use when I am put to a task that allows me to perform using the computer. I can type 75 per min and I’m also talented in using the computer.


Thank you Letter



Training Plan


Reflection Essay

Colleague Interviews

Evaluation #2

Internship Samples

Sample of Work


Jun 2009Jul 2011


john williams