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To enter the Health Information Technology program at Wallace State in the fall of 2012, get my degree in 2013 and create a home office so I am able to work from home. I an interested in Medical Billing and Coding and Transcription.


I am a self motivated individual, I am a team player with experience in secretarial work, I have 10+ years experience in computer technology,  I am a Wallace State Community College Student with a GPA of 3.075, I am a fast learner and I love to work with others. I also love to work on the computer, doing typing, word, excel and other programs.  I enjoy being around older individuals with more experience who can guide me in areas of my interest.

Work experience

Jun 2005Present

Administration Assistant

Petroleum Sales

Petroleum Sales: Executive Secretary, My duties were: Bank reconciliations, Credit Card assessments, switch board operator, typed the ADEM manuals, reconciling credit cards statements weekly. Maintained the bad check list. Applications for check writing, Filing for two different sets of books. Ordered and loaded postage. T-100 Postage Machine. 2002 to 2008

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Jan 2001Jun 2005

Sales Assistant

J C Penny

JC Penny Corporation: duties were, running the floor in the women's department. Running the cash register, overseen the work of two other employees. Credit card transactions, cash transactions, and credit transactions. 1996 to 2002

Jan 2001Jun 2005

Sales Assistant

J C Penny
worked cash register, cash transactions, credit card transactions, worked the floor, kept my area clean and picked up.
Feb 1992Apr 1995

Business Owner

Self Employed

Business Owner

Worked a over lock sewing machine sewing disposable garments for workers to use to go into the chemical tanks. I sewed, folded and boxed and shipped the garments to the Nuclear Plant.  Overseen the production of the disposable garments going in and out of the office.  Records Receivable, Overseen the production of five other employees. Business Owner

Bank reconciliations, Maintained the general office procedures, and keep a log of all uniforms that did not meet the standards of shipping.  Delivery and pickup of uniforms.  Maintained tax returns. 1989 to 1994




Calhoun Community College

Received my GED in February 1993

Oct 2010Present

Health Information Technology

Wallace State Community College
Feb 2012May 2012

certificate in Math 098

Calhoun Community College

learned math 098, linear equations, algebra, multiplying and dividing fractions, decimals, integers, negative and  positive numbers.


work skills
Proficient in typing, Microsoft word, excel, power point, access, publisher, math, working a calculator, stamp machine,