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I have a wide range of IT skills, as I have been doing these types of jobs since the first PC's came out. So I am uniquely qualified to work in the IT industry, I have worked with a number of Operating Systems from Dos, OS/2 , Windows, Novell and Linux. I have a good background in networks and how applications connect and interact with each other..

I have a MCSE, but it is not up to date, however this is only because Microsoft keep on changing the requirements. I do try and keep up with the current technologies and have used a number of major applications and infrastructure components. EG SAS, Oracle, Tomcat, Java, Lotus Notes, Citrix, along with hardware technology: VPN, Cisco, Polycom.

My current role allows me to use a number of technologies. I am currently the main technician supporting the global offices for Standard Life Investments. As such I have setup offices all over the world, the last ones have been in Sydney, Paris and Hong Kong. This means that I have to think ahead and on my feet, getting the staff and team to work in different time zones and ensuring that the job is complete. I also am able to support the office from any location using remote control software, VOIP and video conference.

I also create small applications to help users and systems work together, creating scripts in VB,Perl and powershell. Also I have created a number of simple web apps to allow us to quickly troubleshoot issues so that we can get to the source of an issue quickly.

Work experience

Jun 1996Present

Senior Technician

Standard Life

Current Working for Standard Life within the IS Operations Division assigned to Standard life Investments, Where I work as a Project Technician, this entails working on projects installation of software and system on Windows and Linux software. setting network connection to 3rd party vendors to allow trusted connection for finanical application.

Examples of projects that I have worked on in the past couple of years:

1. Setting Remote office in Paris, Boston, Sydney, Hong Kong and Beijing

  This includes ordering, delivery and setup of all the hardware that is required to all the office to connect back to the UK.

  • MLPS Connections
  • VPN
  • Firewalls & Routers
  • VOIP and Video Conferemce

2. Install, configure a number of turn key systems

  • Charles River
  • Reuters
  • Bloomberg
  • Coda
  • Revport

3. Operating Systems and Technology

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003 and 2008 Server
  • Novell
  • Mainframe
  • Proxy Servers
  • Firewall
  • MSI Packaging
  • VBScript
  • IIS/Tomcat


Apr 1994Jun 1996

Senior Software Engineer

Scottish Widows

This jobs included support Desktop and Network devices


Working on IBM OS/2 and Windows NT4, This job including supporting the setting up and comms between Desktop and the IBM Mainframe using IBM SNA and using a number of mainframe application to allow mainframe jobs to run on Intel platforms. I also setup a number of mainframe applications that allowed the LAN attached printers to be able to be mainframe addressable using and application called VPS


Working on IBM 6611 Routers on a point to point network across the the UK

Aug 1979Feb 1994


Cameron Iron Works/ Cooper Oil Tool


PC/LAN Support  1990 - 1994

Draughtsman - 1984 - 1990

Apprentice Turner - 1979 - 1984



Stuart XXXXX

Andrew XXXXX



I have worked in the IT support and
This is one of my areas of expertise, I have a very good understanding how applications and networks works. I have setup a number of remote offices with a number of different technolies Leased lines, MPLS, X25 VPN and Internet.   I was instrumental in setting the first internet Citrix internet gateway to allow our users to have high speed and reliable connection to the office application using Citrix and RSA software and hardware.    
Windows XP
This is still the current operating system that is used in Standard life for the desktop and as such that I have a very good understand how applications interact with the operating system, we have a number of deployments jobs that we use to package software so that they are deployed silently and seamless to the end user.   I have a very good understand of network and how applications communicate with other devices, Servers, Mainframes, internet devices etc.