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Operating Business and Management Consultancy

Work experience

Feb 2001Present


Study House

Details of some jobs can perform are as mentioned below:

1) Customer Service

13) Management of Business Tech.

25) Manufacturing

2) HR & D Management

14) Service Management

26) Business Process Management

3) Sales & Marketing Mgmt.

15) Policies and Best Practices

27) Bus. Units Admin. & Expansion

4) Training

16) Operational Audits

28) Managing Overheads

5) Project Handling

17) Business Planning

29) Quality Management

6) Operations Research

18) Inventory & Waste Management

30) Productivity

7) Business Continuity

19) Construction & Maintenance

31) Merges

8) Safety & Hazard Admin.

20) Travel Management

32) CampAdministration

9) Events & MeetMgmt.

21) Floor/s Management

33) Retailing & Wholesaling

10) Procurement

22) Warehousing Management

34) Supply Chain Management

11) Various Securities Admin.

23) Payroll Administration

35) Incentives & Bonuses Admin.

12) Bus. Objectives Admin.

24) Business Intelligence system

36) Strategic Planning

A) Job Description & Admin.

3) Marketing Jobs such as:

Advertising; Brand and or Product/s Management; Competitive Analysis; Customer Service; Database Marketing; Direct Marketing; Event Marketing; Market Research; Identifying/Managing Suppliers; Merchandising and Retailing; Promotions; Multi-Cultural (Demographic) Marketing; Public Relations; Sales Forecasting & Management; Pricing; Customer- Relationship Management.


Master of Science

Almeda University


Accounting Policies; Economics of the firm; Financial Management; Organizational Behavior; Law, Business, and Society; Strategic Management; Human Resources Management; Quantitative Management; Policy Formulation and Administration;

Market Administration.


Jan 2004Feb 2008

Doctorate in Business Administration

Rochville University


Total Quality Management; Operations Management; Operations Management Strategy; Project Management; Intro. to Stochastic Models; Games of Strategy in Business; Applied Management Science; Business Process Improvement.

Distinction: Total Quality Management (For the Year 2008)

Award of Excellence: Operations Management Project (For the year 2008)

GPA = 3.52(Cum Laude)


Certified International Project Manager

American Academy of Project Management

Master Project Manager

American Academy of Project Management