Work experience

Work experience

IMPAC Property Management


The Independent Management of Properties and Communities, Inc. (IMPAC) has been successfully managing property throughout New Jersey for the past 25 years. In that time, it has had the privilege of working with a variety of different properties including skyscraper condominiums, waterfront townhouses, and lavish 10,000-square-foot homes. Founded in 1984 by principals Albert J. Smith and Accella Farrington-Smith, the company remains steadfast in its dedication to the well-being of its properties’ housing association members and homeowners. IMPAC Property Management runs its comprehensive services through both its Manchester, New Jersey-based headquarters and offices in Secaucus. From these locations, the company handles all aspects of property management including bookkeeping, public relations, and customer service.IMPAC Property Management takes care to listen to each of its communities and takes a proactive approach to open communication. Every board member and homeowner is able to reach the property managers 24 hours a day, seven days a week to voice their concerns, and additional services are always available online to help users stay informed about the goings-on in their community. IMPAC stays in touch with board members and homeowners through the preparation of management reports, newsletters, and special publications. Personal interactions with regional directors, portfolio managers, and other managers help maintain a sense of personalized service.IMPAC Property Management has the know-how to deal with the financial roadblocks that accompany each property’s specific needs. With experience representing everything from townhouse communities and luxury condominiums with views of Manhattan to properties in remote rural settings over the past 25 years, IMPAC Property Management’s accounting department is able to manage operating budgets for properties of any size with ease. The company’s capable bookkeepers work with general ledgers, make projections for cash flow, and collect necessary fees, rents, and other charges.

Steps for Successful Property Management Transition

Founded in 1984, IMPAC Property Management has two offices in New Jersey, the North Jersey office based out of Secaucus and the corporate headquarters and Central Jersey office located in Manchester. Managing more than 80 communities from the rural to the urban, IMPAC Property Management dedicates itself to providing its clients with the best and most responsive customer service.Although changing property management companies can be a difficult process, there are steps to take to make the process as smooth as possible.- Prioritize. If no company or manager currently oversees the property, make a list of qualities the manager needs to possess. If the property is currently being managed, identify the issues that necessitate the change. The manager or company who meets that criteria will be the one most likely to succeed.- Research. Interview several companies and speak with present or past employers. Drive by properties the company currently oversees, if possible, to gauge whether or not the company’s style will work with the community. - Communicate. Communicate with the community’s tenants to explain the change and cast it in a positive way. Also, communicate with organizations, such as utility providers, to ensure the transition will not create any service interruptions.