Tabatha Booth

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2011 - Present

Media Specialist

Lakewood Elementary
Jan 2005 - Aug 2011


Sherwood Elementary


Jan 2010 - Present


Columbus State University


          I believe each child is capable of learning. As a teacher, you have to 

          embrace their learning style to ensure that learning takes place.

        As a Media Specialist, I am still a teacher, but my role as a teacher is different.I become a vital source for information and technology, reaching the 21st century learner.

Professional Responsibilities

  •  Create lesson plans to meet all learning styles.
  • Maintain budget while purchasing items conducive to learning.
  • Manage school's library collection. 
  •  Able to read data and implement strategies to improve data.
  • Assess students to ensure all are meeting the standards.
  • Keep accurate data of grades and reading levels.
  • Maintain a learning-friendly atmosphere with as little discipline interruptions as possible.
  • Collaborate with grade level teachers to gain ideas to use in my classroom.
  • Work closely with the Special Education and Speech teacher for students with IEP’s.

Standard 2: Teaching and Learning

2.1 Knowledge of Learners and Learning

  • Course EDUT 6209, Spring 2010 -Based information skills instruction on student interests and learning needs, as I presented a lesson to 4thgraders at Sherwood Elementary.
  • Course EDUT 6116, Fall 2010 - Created a Collection Policy for my library of choice. Within this, I had to have an understanding of the patrons.Collection Policy
  • Course EDUT 6690, Fall 2011 - This grid is used to guide my selection for observation hours based on free and reduced lunch percentages. WIth completion of my internship, I have been exposed to a variety of media centers. Grid
2.2 Effective and Knowledgeable Teacher
  • Course EDUT 6209, Spring 2010 - Worked with classroom teachers to co-plan, co-teach, and co-assess information skills instruction
  • Course EDUT 6209, Spring 2010 - Wrote an Instructional Design model paper that analyzed the role of student interest and motivation in instructional design. Instructional Design Model
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Worked with 2nd graders in researching for a class project.
2.3. Information Literacy Curriculum
  • Course EDUT 6209, Spring 2010 - Planned a Technology lesson that assisted students to use technology to access, analyze, and present information. Technology Lesson Plan
  • Course EDUT 6215, Summer 2010 - Designed a website that included a Thematic Unit with photos and resources for anyone to access. Thematic Unit
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Developed a PowerPoint Presentation to teach the Dewey Decimal System to elementary students. Dewey Decimal System

Standard 4: Program Administration

4.1 Managing Information Resources: Selecting & Organizing

Course EDRG 6160,Spring 2010 - Utilized collection analysis, evaluation research and techniques to ensure a balanced collection that reflects diversity of content, reflecting our multicultural society. Weeding Policy
  • Course EDUT 6117, Spring 2010 - Designed a plan for collection development and analysis with policies that ensures equitable access to facilities and resources. Collection Policy
  • Course EDUT 6117, Spring 2010  -Developed procedures to analyze the effectiveness of library media policies, procedures, and operations, ensuring they support intellectual freedom and the privacy of users of all ages. Handbook
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Worked with certified media specialists to select items to purchase from vendors, such as, Follet and Bounds to Stay Bound.

4.2Managing Program Resources: Human, Financial, Physical

  • Course EDUT 6209, Spring 2010 -Collected fines for lost and over due items
  • Course EDUT 6117, Spring 2010  -Created a handbook of policies that will enable a media center to run smoothlyl. Media Center Handbook
  •  Course EDUT 6118, Summer 2011 - Created a budget for a media center where I used relative line items to justify purchases to ensure that the needs of the library's patrons were met. Media Budget 
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Aided in a book fair for an elementary school. Profits benefit the media cetner.
  • Course EDUT 6207, Summer 2010 - Created a home network design to learn the steps in creating a network in the future in a library. Designing a Home Network

4.3Comprehensive and Collaborative Strategic Planning and Assessment

  • Course EDUT 6209, Spring 2010 - Developed an assessment rubric for technology lesson plan to see which students met the standards.
  • Coursed EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Worked with media specialist in planning how to spend budget to meet the needs of the media center.
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Worked closely with faculty to pull resources for lesson plan. Also, aided in planning a high school co-teaching project.

Standard 3: Collaboration and Leadership

3.1Connection with the Library Communication

  • Course EDRG 6160, Spring 2010 - Held interviews with Media Specialist at the elementary, middle school, and high school level to gather information on how their libraries are operated.
  • Course EDUT 6118, Summer 2011 - Completed 15 hours of observation,  5 elementary hours, 5 middle school hours, and 5 high school hours. I documented these hours in journal-like format. Journal
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Completed 90 hours of observation; 30 elementary hours, 15 middle school hours, 25 high school hours, 10 public library hours, and 10 professional development hours.

3.2 Instructional Partner

  • Course EDUT 6209 Spring 2010 -Worked closely with a Media Specialist to do a collection analysis using Capstone.
  •  Course EDUT 6209 Spring 2010 - Developed a lesson plan for selected patrons with the guidance of the Media Specialist.
  • Course EDUT 6215, Summer 2010 - Worked closely with my collegues to create a wiki on using Destiny. Using Destiny 
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Worked with a collegue to plan an iPad app workshop.

Standard 1: Use of Information and Ideas

1.1Efficient and ethical information-seeking behavior

  • Course EDUT 6118, Summer 2011  - Able to use professional resources to find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions. Article Review
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Online Discussions about library information and ideas.
  • Coursed EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Visited media centers at all academic levels to learn how the various media specialists operate in their media centers.

1.2Literacy andreading

  • Course EDUT 6209, Spring 2010 -Collaborated with teachers to integrate literature into curriculum at Sherwood Elementary
  • Course EDUT 6117, Spring 2010 - Identified resources to create an reliable Collection Policy Annotated Bibliography of Resources
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Aided in the prepartion for a Book Talk for high school students.

1.3Access to information

  • Course EDUT 6117, Spring 2010 - On-line Discussion on how to obtain resources and how to assure intellectual freedom.
  • Course EDUT 6615, Spring 2010 - Reviewing Journalsallowed me to see that journals can be a great resource to use when planning activities, making purchases, collaborating, learning about the latest software available, or the newest award-winning books, etc.
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Discussed with certified media specialists the best listservs to enroll in to obtain information beneficial to media needs.
1.4Stimulating learning environment
  • Course EDUT 6209, Spring 2010 - Demonstrated collaborative techniques to create a positive educational climate in a technology-rich library media center by creating a stimulating technology lesson. Lesson Plan
  • Course EDUT 6117, Spring 2010  - Created a project on developing the layout of a Media Center. Media Center Layout
  • Course EDUT 6698, Fall 2011 - Created a lesson plan for second grade teaching the Dewey Decimal System. Lesson Plan


  • Rookie Teacher of the Year, Phenix City School District, January 2006
  • Dean’s List with a 4.0 average at Troy University, December 2005
  • Who’s Who Among American College Students, April 2004

Community Service

  •  Children’s Pastor, Trinity Temple Assembly of God (2005 to Present)
  • Yearbook Advisor, Sherwood Elementary (2006 to 2011)
  • Building Leadership Team Representative, Sherwood Elementary (2009 to 2011)
  • BBSST Chairperson, (2006 – 2009)
  • Spelling Bee Coordinator,(2008 – 2009)