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Accomplished project and programme manager: evaluation of proposals, grant signature, operational and financial follow up, compliance, financial settlement and closure. High motivation and excellent team-player. Experienced data analyst. Scientific background in Archaeology.

Work History


Call Coordinator

European Commission - Research Executive Agency
  • Define and communicate strategies for the evaluation process of the for Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowships. Establish the planning of schedule, tasks and resources. Prepare risk analysis and mitigation plan.
  • Ensure evaluation of proposals following established procedures and their correct implementation in IT systems. Monitor activities and implementation of the full process.
  • Carry out quality controls and provide statistics on all aspects of the process to the management, unit, parent DG's and National Contact Points.
  • Consult with and participate in networks to ensure internal coherence.
  • Follow up and monitor contracts and payments for external expert evaluators.
  • Collect feedback from internal and external stakeholders, analyse, assess and report on results and impact of the process. Make suggestions for future improvements.

Scientific Project Management

European Commission - Research Executive Agency
  • Participate in the preparation of calls for proposals, ensure evaluation and selection of proposals for Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowships.
  • Ensure the follow-up of project implementation, focusing on performance of  project coordinators and partners, ensure compliance with contractual obligations and monitor project expenditure (via financial and activity reports, reviews, and audits). Ensure timely processing.
  • Give "certified correct" signature after all internal, financial and operational procedures are checked, allowing a financial settlement.
  • Monitor compliance with internal control standards and report deviations.
  • Assist colleagues with interpretation and implementation of administrative rules and procedures and assist with their simplification. Provide mentoring services to newcomers on request. Facilitate exchange of experiences and best practices.
  • Participation in task force on Data Presentation.
  • Member of key user group for Promis (project follow up) and SEP (proposal submission and evaluation).

Financial Project Management - Verification

European Commission - Research Executive Agency
  • Verify the respect of Financial Regulation, Implementing rules, and internal rules on budget execution, in all financial transactions relating to the various work programs in REA (MSCA, SME, SPACE, SECURITY projects).
  • Assistance in preparing calls for proposals / tenders.
  • Develop and implement homogeneous and compatible procedures, norms and methods to process and access financial information and documents.
  • Ensure coherence of financial data between different databases. Prepare and maintain follow-up tables as tools for decision-making of staff and
  • Monitor the execution of the budget, facilitate the discharge procedure and improve financial workflows.
  • Prepare replies to requests for information from the hierarchy and other services within the Commission including the Court of Auditors.
  • Prepare the annual closure of accounts exercise and participate in the monthly data quality exercises.

Financial Project Management

European Commission - DG RTD
  • Provide advice and support to scientific project officers on financial, budgetary, negotiation and management aspects of contracts.
  • Register and file incoming and outgoing formal financial documents and communication.
  • Analyse and check cost statements on compliance with contractual
  • Prepare financial transactions in IT tools(commitments, payments, recovery, forecast). Sign of on financial initiations in ABAC (Accrual Based Accounting).
  • Inform stakeholders about payments and possible financial issues,
    follow up on financial and legal issues.
  • Prepare contracts and amendments.
  • Implement and follow up of audits.

Instruction Verification Center Expert and Trainer

Bank of New York Mellon
  • On-line processing (waiver checks, verify and authenticate faxes, decoding signal numbers, performing call-backs with external and internal clients).
  • Prioritise client orders according to deadlines.
  • Control and reallocate rejected instructions for manual processing.
  • Monitor workload, answer to queries, solve pending issues, ensure proper handover to next shift.
  • Training of newcomers.
  • Identify and draft missing or incomplete procedures.


Delta Lloyd Bank
  • Management of Securities and Accounts, and Short Term investments.
  • Prepare and execute payments, follow-up of clients bearer bonds.
  • Ensure contact with local agencies.
  • Participate in reporting and filing.



Research Master in Archaeology

Ghent University

Excavation skills, scientific drawing and reporting, prehistory, history of
Rome, Greece, and the Ancient Near East, literature, philosophy. Thesis
on "Prehistory of Iran - Excavations at Susa I".

Other activities

  • Volunteer guide at Church of England Southwark Cathedral, London, UK, in 2005.
  • Archaeologist with the Balkan Heritage Foundation, Bulgaria. One campaign of Pottery restoration and three campaigns at the Ilindentsi excavations led by Dr. Grebksa-Kulow.
  • Reading and writing, arts and crafts.
  • Currently enrolled in a twelve-month course on Clinical Psychology.