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Work experience


I would have to say my best work was my final exam news bit for the first semester of my junior year. It was almost a 20 minute news cast and it took a lot of time and hard work. The planing in the script is probably what took the longest because i had to go thorugh and find all the differnt things i wanted to combine together. I took pices from our first varsity football season, the blue-i trip to news 8, and much more. it also took alot of hard work to practice and act naturall on camera. All the anchors tried to be has cofortable as possible. This shows my ability to combine many aspects to create a great news cast. And how i can write a great script.

I also have helped all the new kids learn how to edit, use cameras and conduct interviews  in and out of the class room. Ive been ivolved in many news bits with my surrounding classmates. I try to help everyone to the best of my ablities and help the grasp what blue-i is really about.



Wylie East High School

Since ive been in this program for over four years, steping outside of my comfort zone doesnt happen offen. Im what most call "set in their ways". This year has been a trying year for our blue-i crew, with loosing and gaining new people what seems every week.  At the begining of the year i was not prepared to have to get a new co-anchor, but when i found out my anchor from the previous year was not going to be an achor with me. I was very upset i didnt want to have o take the time to get to know a new person's strengths and weaknesses. And i also figured that since Angelo was a brand new perwson to the video program that it would be even more frustrating. But as the first week of school went on i realized that Angelo and i would actually work very well together, he was just enough of everything i am not. He coould help me write script and out chemistry was amazing! It was like our minds were one, he could finish my statements, and always found a way to make me laough and help me out. As the second part of the year approached Angelo ended up leaving and i ended up an alone anchor once again. Rather having to get to  know yet another brand new kid in the class i was willing to just anchor aone. My teacher picked a very loud and out going person to be in the class (much like myself). I figured we would not get along considering we were much alike. I  put him infront of the camera aned he was a naturall. I couldnt believe it, he seemed like he had been doing it for a while. Then when we got together on camera it was insint chemistry again. I learnd to step outside of my comfort zone and have an open  mind.


This year i learned how to do more in preimer pro, it is a much better editing tool then what i previously used.


My highlights

This year has been interesting to say the least. Ive grown closer to my amazing teacher (Mrs.Henderson). My favorite part of this year would have to be visiting News 8 and being able to see real world people making the news. It was like i was behind sense but it was amazingly fun. It made me want to be a news anchor for my carrerer. Its so interesting how they do everythig and how it comes out on tv. I wll most defenatly miss this class when i graduate and i will  miss Mr.Hendrerson.

Goals for next year

My goals for next year which is my senior year, is to go out with a BANG. Its my last year in the program and its time to show people all i got. I plan to help improve our news. By covering more information and just being more involved. I also would like to become more of a leader and help people who need extra help with things such as finishing projects, turing in work, working with programs, ect. I hope we can come together as a group and help make our news more interesting i would like to see more sports coverage on the news and more city wide coverage.


Out of all the character traits id say Respect describes me best. I see myself as a very respectful person and  always try my best to givbe everyone the same respect i want them to gve me. My biggest pet-peve is when people disrespect teachers. They are our elders and should never have to feel disrespect in their own class room. I strive to help kids understand that, and i will always say something when i see a kid disrespecting not only a teacher but any adult. While conducting interviews or projects ive seen many staff members disrespect people around school, and i do say something because it makes us looks bad as a team. And as a team we should strive for excelience.


Im a student athletic trainer, im currently a third year student in the program. I attend practice before and after school and attend all games. I am also invoolved with everything that has to do with prom, im president of the prom commite and i atend all meetings that are involved in helping plan for the upcoming year.