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Work experience

May 2006Present


2 guys and a truck
Jan 2004May 2005

Pizza Delivery

Deli italiano


Aug 2006Present

West Virginia University


Music Producer
I have been makingg beats since I was 15 years old and i keep improving. I use a yamaha M08 keyboard, MPC 1000,Cubase LE, and Acid 3.0. I also learned how to use Pro Tools. I believe i am a great producer because i can make any style of music and be able to think of a chorus for any song.


I am born and raised in Northern Virginia. I am currently attending West Virginia University. I have been taking many music classes here to help me get a better understanding of the history, composition and the education of music. I started making beats when I was 15 years old and started composing original music when I was 18 years old. It has always been my dream to become a music producer. I do think I got what it takes and many others do too. I am planning on taking a class at Omega Studios in Maryland that will teach me how to run a studio. I already have taken two classes that teach you how to use Pro Tools. I believe that I have my own creative sound and that I can only get better. I am fully motivated and dedicated towards music. Music is my life and I will never give up on my dream.


My objective is to be signed into a major record label and to learn everything i would need to know about running a professional studio.