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I am a recent graduated in Computer Science specialized in Computer Systems. Now I am looking for a job related with Systems Administration, and Cloud Computing Technologies.

My last work was my final degree paper based on Cloud Computing. I was developing a real distributed simulator to gather information from the nodes of a big cluster based on a decentralized architecture using P2P structures. 

I am working on a new personal project called Befain(Be famous in), this is a new Facebook app to be famous and get new opportunities. This project is in development and I am creating the business plan at university in VPE subject.

In my free time I work for my own company where I develop web pages for small companies and different kind of personal projects.

Some of our work is related with Google Wave, I started a blog talking about this new technology. 

Work experience

Jan 2010Jul 2010

I+D Software Engineer Scholarship


Writing my Final Degree Paper.Functions:· Work with P2P technologies (JXTA Framework)· Design software achitecture with scalability and fault tolerance· Project management


Jul 2010

Systems Engineer

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

What I learn in the university is the methodology to solve any kind of problems, such as efficiency, low memory, stack overflow, scalability, death lines, workgroup, etc.

Other fields that I chose to learn in elective subjects were public speech: speaking in front of 50 people and get scored not only of what am I saying but how I speak, I move, I transmit the message. Another elective subject was to make a business plan. Starting with the "beer idea", going throw the finance, and ending with a formal presentation in front of possible investors. My last elective subject was about negotiation. In that course I learned how to make an objective decision with a lot of variables.


My english level is 4 degree of Escola Oficial d'Idiomes. I can follow a conversation, speak and write properly technical stuff.
I consider myself a entrepreneur person. I have lots of "crazy" ideas and I always want to get them reality. For this reason I have several projects with more o less succes, but when some doesn't work I don't flag, I learn something for the next project.
I have done a specific course of Negotiation in UPC as a elective subject. 
Work Pressure (Referee)
I was Basketball referee for 7 years in Federació Catalana de Bàsquet.
Object Oriented (OO programming)
I used Object oriented programming in a lot of works. University and personal projects I always use this methodology.
Project Management
I manage a project of 7 engineers for 6 weeks in a PXCSO subject on university. My score was 9/10. It was very exciting to manage a real project in a very short time and get great results. I manage other projects, engineering projects like websites, but any of them has a strict death line.