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Work experience


Superintendent of Schools

Penn-Delco School District




Temple University

Leslye Abrutyn


With a Doctor of Education in Education Administration from Temple University’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Leslye Abrutyn went on to establish herself as an educational expert, specializing in a multitude of areas, such as curriculum management and the use of walkthroughs for enhancement of student performance. Most recently, Leslye Abrutyn spearheaded creative program development and educational advancement initiatives as Superintendent of Schools with the Penn-Delco School District in Aston, Pennsylvania. During her tenure, Leslye Abrutyn assumed responsibility of 500 district personnel, 25 administrators, 6 schools, and 3,300 students. Overseeing an operating budget totaling over $50 million, Abrutyn demonstrated her ability to bring about positive change with creative and effective initiatives. Under her guidance, the Penn-Delco School District saw an increase in achievement trends and a decrease in achievement gaps.

A recognized figure in her industry, Leslye Abrutyn has shared her knowledge and expertise through several informative videos covering a variety of topics and has participated in education-related radio and television broadcasts. Moreover, Leslye Abrutyn co-authored the book, An Introduction to Using Portfolios in the Classroom, sharing insights gained from over four decades of experience Supplementing her solid background as a leader in the education field, Leslye Abrutyn held membership in numerous professional organizations, such as the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, the Pennsylvania Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals, the Pennsylvania Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, and the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators. In addition to her doctorate, Leslye Abrutyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Boston University and a Master of Education in Special Education from Temple University.

The Women’s Caucus of the Pennsylvania

Leslye Abrutyn is a thoughtful and resourceful educator with strong ties to the Pennsylvania public school system, which she has served for a number of years. An author and frequent speaker about a variety of educational issues, Leslye Abrutyn holds a Doctorate in Education from Temple University. Dr. Abrutyn strongly promotes women’s access to leadership positions in educational settings. She was a long-time executive member of the Women’s Caucus of the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators and served as its President in 2006-2007. The Women’s Caucus was created in 1984. The stated purpose of the group is to improve the status, rights, and opportunities for women in educational leadership. It strives to create a useful network for women in academic administration or for those who aspire to such positions. The Women’s Caucus supports research regarding the role of women in education and makes these findings accessible to its members. Providing skill-building seminars, a bank of mentors, an annual conference, numerous training opportunities, and informal regional meetings, the Caucus makes networking resources readily available. The Women’s Caucus is also a vigorous supporter of equality and diversity throughout the educational system, and it encourages its members to implement policies that encourage equity in race and national origin in addition to gender. Under the capable guidance of leaders such as Leslye Abrutyn, the organization has clearly succeeded in its goals. Many members of the Women’s Caucus speak passionately about the importance of the group in their professional lives. In describing her experience with a Caucus seminar, one enthusiastic participant stated, “I will apply what I have learned about executive presence to gain insights into myself and perception of my leadership style. I will increase my confidence through the techniques and strategies taught.”