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Work experience


Youngone Group
Manager,: Working with Youngone Group since June 01, 1996 to till now Communication with buyers, making shipping plan, taking buyer approval for shipment. Shipping to almost all customs area of the world, such as, USA, Canada, EU, Japan, SouthAfrica, Pakistan, China, Mongolia etc. Supervising various shipping accounts of various world renowned brands. Running shipping in a cost effective way after checking with buyers, forwarder, shipping lines.




Chittagong University

Master of  Social Science


Bachelor of Social Science

Chittagong University

Political Science, Sociology,Economics



Chittagong College

Higher Secondary School Certificate

A Blog on Supply Chain Management

"A blog about Supply Chain Management topics and issues.A collection of articles and commentary providing an introduction to supply chain management and related systems for students, practitioners, and anyone else interested in learning more about how to design, manufacture, transport, store, deliver, and manage products and services."


As head of Department of Export Team, Stock & Design team monitored SAP work of our Department, so that work could be done properly and fill any gaps in the work .
shipping line
Worked with Industry and monitored export, import Supply Chain function ,coordinated with shipping line,forwarder etc. Worked for and monitored related works/team.
Regulatory bodies
Worked with regulatory bodies, such as Export Promotion Bureau, Customs, BGMEA, Buyers, BEPZA etc.
Worked with Commercial Banks, Bangladesh Central Bank etc. to complete Supply Chain Management functions.
Highly Experienced in follow up ,prepare ,monitoring Docs procedures including communication with buyers.
Worked with world renowned buyers and brands, such as VFC, ABC Mart, Spider etc in favor of our industry and Supply Chain Management requirements.


Dec 2010Sep 2013

Certified Supply Chain Manager(CSCM)

International Supply Chain Education Alliance(ISCEA),Ohio, USA.
According To Some Scholars, Skills/Competencies Of Supply Chain Professionals Are Technical Proficiency In Some Discrete Areas, Such As, Familiarity With Logistics, Warehousing Equipments, Distribution Centers, Freight Issues Etc. Key Supply Chain Professional’s Skills /Competencies Include Global Orientation, Knowledge About Various Systems, And Leadership Issues. And Superior Business Skills.At The Minimum Level, They Should Have An Understanding Of Business Continuity Basics/Organization’s Business Continuity Approach And Strategy. Roles/Responsibilities Of Supply Chain Professionals Include Alignment Of All Players Of The Ecosystem, To Enable Value Creation And Sustainable Competitive Advantage. These Roles May Differ From Company To Company, But Goals Are Generally Same. Positioning/Developing Supply Chains Are The Main Issue For All Companies. Among The roles are Internal /External logistics, Systems analysis, Sales forecasting, Quality management, Strategy development are the usual responsibilities of supply chain professionals. They should be aware of constant evolving nature of the supply chain process and goals.