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Work experience

Practice Teaching

D. Aubrey Moodie Intermediate School


D. Aubrey Moodie Intermediate School, Ottawa, Ontario

oPlanned, implemented and evaluated three rotary Math classes

oPlanned, implemented and evaluated homeroom Language Arts and Geography

oIntegrated the SmartBoard and other visual and technological aids into the lessons

oPlanned units based on strands of the Ministry of Education Documents

oProvided assessment such as rubrics, tests and checklists

Ms. Arbuckle

Carleton Heights Public School


Carleton Heights Public School, Ottawa, Ontario

oPlanned, implemented and evaluated differentiated Social Studies, Math and Physical Education lessons for a grade 4/5 classroom

oAssisted with Student Led Parent Interviews

oAssisted in coaching and chaperoning both Junior soccer and cross-country teams to their inter-school competitions

oIntegrated the SmartBoard and other visual and technological aids into the lessons

oAttended staff meetings and Professional Development activities

oDeveloped assessment tools such as rubrics, tests and checklists


Aug 2009Apr 2010

Bachelor of Education

Nipissing University

Bachelor of Arts

Carleton University


Stewart Slater

April 14, 2010

To whom it may concern.

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Patricia Arbuckle. I was her Associate Teacher the winter and spring of 2010. She was assigned my Homeroom and grade 8 classes of Math, Language Arts and History/Geography under my supervision.

Patricia is a self-starter who volunteered to assume additional responsibilities in order to help other teachers and students. She listened intently and accepted ownership of all teaching scenarios and explored solutions to correct and extend her learning. Patricia’s inviting manner created a positive classroom for the ‘hard to reach learner’. She planned and implemented differentiated learning for the inclusive classroom. She initiated new, innovative strategies (both intrinsic and extrinsic) that lent enthusiasm to the classroom atmosphere and allowed for accommodations and modifications for the IEP and ESD students.

Respecting my established classroom routines, Patricia was able to successfully institute her own rules. She allowed students to demonstrate enthusiasm yet showed the ability to rein in where appropriate. She consistently acted on inappropriate behaviour and this resulted in classes that were very focused. She established clear rules yet demonstrated flexibility. As a result of her excellent classroom management, she was able to bring off- task behaviour back on task without interrupting the flow of the lesson.

In summary, Patricia displayed the qualities that make a teacher successful. She demonstrates the qualities of the ‘lifelong learner’. She is dependable, motivated, and is in tune with the needs of the students. She works well with colleagues and I was able to look to her as one to trust and one who gets the job done. I highly recommend her for a teaching position.

Yours sincerely,

Stewart Slater

Grade 8 teacher

D. A. Moodie I.S. Ottawa, Ontario

Associate Teacher for Nipissing University

April 14, 2010


            I'm Patricia, a proud recent graduate of the Bachelor of Education program at Nipissing University, for the Junior and Intermediate grade levels. I am currently taking Special Education Part 1 and will have it completed by August 2010.I am confident my ability to quickly assess a classroom environment and initiate appropriate accommodations and modifications to help all students engage in learning will prove me to be a valuable asset to any school board.

As my resume will demonstrate, my training has been technologically enriched with a focus on teaching to all kinds of learners.I have a strong passion to educate young minds and help them blossom into well-rounded, responsible, and successful individuals.Throughout the course of my training and volunteer work, I have had wonderful opportunities to teach diverse groups of students, including those with learning disabilities, those who performed at grade level, and those who were gifted/exceptional.As a result, I have become proficient at designing creative and stimulating lesson plans, which accommodate multiple intelligences, bring a hands-on approach to learning, and keep students interested and focused.

My greatest strengths include inspiring and motivating students.I actively engage their eager minds by incorporating a multi modal approach to my lesson planning and activities.In addition, through the volunteer work that I have done over the past few years, I have been able to develop and fine-tune many strong qualities that I believe have led me to become an excellent teacher. I am a highly organized, motivated and enthusiastic individual. These qualities, along with my ability to tailor my teaching style to meet the needs of each student, have enabled me to reach people of all ages.

I look forward with great anticipation to discussing with you the many ways in which I can make a significant contribution to your educational program.Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Patricia Arbuckle


I have a passion for working with others.  As a life learner myself, I emphasize the importance of understanding multiple intelligences and teaching to all learners.  Along with teaching and learning, I enjoy cooking, gardening, hiking, coaching and all sports.  I very much enjoy spending time with family and friends. 


Infusion Certificate

Nipissing University

Blogging for Educators Certificate

Nipissing University