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Web developer committed to maintaining cutting edge technical skills and up-to-date
industry knowledge.

 Languages And Technologies
Javascript, Python,AngularJs, MongoDB, Sql(Proficient), NodeJs, Express, CSS, HTML, WordPress, jQuery, Ajax,


2017Till Data

Web Developer

Adaptable Security

Web Developer

Collaborate closely with Product & engineering Team to develop new features and functionality for our new, growing platform. 
Contribute to growing code base
Updating web contents and using Javascript to imptove User Experience
Writing Application to interactract with third Party Web Applications


Web Developer

Mobility Aid Appliance Research Development Center|

Web Developer Lagos State:

Coordinated with senior team to finalize designs and confirm requirements.
Provided continued maintenance and development of bug fixes and patch sets for existing web applications.
Ensured network, system and data availability and integrity through preventative maintenance and upgrades.
Consistently met deadlines and requirements for all production work orders.



Software Engineering

Free Code Camp

this course walks me through core web development concepts such as how internet and
browsers fit together, form validations, databases, APIs, integrating with other websites,
scaling issues, and more; all of which form part of the knowledge it takes to build a web
application of my own.


 MEAN STACK (MongoDB,  AngularJs, Nodejs)Experience in an Agile Environment, Django Framework              
Exellent problem-solving abilities                   Windows and Linux
Comprehensive understanding of RESTful services
Familiarity with Gulp.js, Nodemon and Mocha Testing  Proficient Understanding of cross-browser Compactibility issues and work arounds


My Projects