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Esperienze extra-lavorative

Project experiences: business contract projects developed in 6-12 people teams and 6-8 months: -  Project management of building construction with turn-key contract; 

-  Product  Development  Management:  market  analysis,  planning,  design  and feasibility study of investment for the production of a cars component;  -  Simulation of buying office: preparation of business strategy and supply plan of raw materials through multi-criteria methods;  -  Redesigning  of  organizational  structure  of  the  production  department  of  the Pirelli factory in Settimo Torinese.

I practiced athletics at a competitive level for 15 years in the middle distance specialty obtaining good results into national  and regional  field.  I  was  captain  of  the  Regional  Representative  of the  Italian  Piedmont  Cross  Country Championships helping in two occasions to obtain the title of "Italy Champions." In recent years I dedicated my time to long distance competitions running my first marathon. Next goal will be to run an Ironman 

Personal Characteristics

I have a natural tendency to doubt and never to accept passively argument or information, thanks to this feature I recognized  a  strong  ability  to  detect  problems  and  critical  and  the  capable  of  responding  with  particular  mental flexibility often finding different solutions than usual. People I worked and studied with describe me like able to motivate and push to give the best, intuitive, optimistic and extremely curious.


I  would  like  to  deal  with  management, business strategy, innovation  and  product  development  collaborating  with  organizations that allow  me  to  grow, challenge  myself  and  achieve  important  goals.  I  am  an  ambitious  person,  I  love  the  challenges  that  I  face  with enthusiasm, optimism and competitive spirit. I would like to have abroad works experiences.  


I dedicate time to practice different  sports (I studied Ju-Jitsu for seven years until I wear the brown belt ° kyu), collect quotes and gadgets. I took lessons in piano and guitar for 7 and 3 years respectively. I love to spend time reading biographical books, dissemination of theoretical physics essays and scientific and academic blog.  


I have a degree in Management Engineering with Industrial Management specialization. I worked in ICT fields like consultant for Siemens Industry Software and IT office of Umberto I Hospital.

After one year collaboration with Siemens I am now searching new work opportunity in different fields and business department.

Work experience

Apr 2008Present


GFK Eurisko

 Panelist for GFK Eurisko in market research in order to see applied marketing and strategy concepts and know in advance future innovations and business models. 

May 2010Oct 2010

Implementation Engineer

Siemens Industry Software

Consulting on Tecnomatix (Digital Manufacturing products line):   

- Projects  of  modeling  and  discrete  event  simulation  of  industrial  processes  in collaboration with aerospace and automation sector firms;  - Development of ICT system for the industrial plant design in automotive field.  

Nov 2009May 2010

Junior Consultant

Siemens PLM Software

Pre-sales activities in tender project for the provision of an IT solution for designing and  simulating  of  production  processes,  performing  "Contract  and  Product Development Management" activities;

Results: contract  obtained  by  Siemens  and  positive  reports  of  personal    assessment  for the work and contribution in the project team. 

Skills aquired: relations with customers, contract management, data models, processes and supply chain analysis, modeling and abstraction of business and production processes. 

Aug 2007Nov 2007

Ict solution developer

Ospedale Mauriziano Umberto I(ente ICT)

Analysis,  design  and  development  of  an  IT  solution  in  ASP  technology  for documents and content sharing, management and consultation.

Results: full  achievement  of  the  objectives  defined  with  customers,  system  allowed  an about 70% reduction in filing and consultation time.

Skills acquired: needs  identification  and  translation  into  technical  requirements,  identification usability critical, self-management and work planning, teamwork, Asp language.


Mar 2007Mar 2010

Master Degree

Politecnico di Torino

Skills: ability to analyze the functioning of markets and competitive potential of organizations,  to  formulate  management  policies  in  line  with  corporate  strategy  into operational, and financial  and innovation and product development terms.  

Sep 2003Mar 2007

Bachelor Degree

Politecnico di Torino

Skills:  operational  management  of  firm:  optimization  of  flow  production  and distribution, facilities, logistics and enterprise resource management.


Competitive sports experience allowed me to develop a strong work culture geared to achieving the  goals  and  the  ability  to  handle  stress.  I  cultivate  a  deep  interest  in  innovation  research, technology and web. 
I was able to test and improve my ability to work in team in sporting, study and work occasions. I like to relate with groups with mentality and culture differences.
I acquired these skills making coexist sports, schools and private commitments  in the past 15 years.  I  participated  in  various  self-administered  working  groups  during  the  university experience and I took the responsibility for client reference and team coordinator/planner during Hospital internship.  
Platform:  good  knowledge  of  Microsoft  systems;  Languages:  development  experience  with C/C++,  Pascal,  Html,  Asp,  Php;  Software:  good  knowledge  of  Office  bundle. Siemens  PLM: working  experiences  with  Process  Designer,  Plant  Simulation.  Training  on  Factory  Flow, TeamCenter. Concepts: server-client architectures, license server, data models, virtual machine. Excellent ability like web user, I participate in various projects of "User-Generated Content” 


Preliminary English Test

Pass with merit