Troy Hollings

  • Fishers US-IN


2009 - 2013


DePauw University


I have had multiple leadership positions leading up to and during college. I am now the president of the Rugby club as a Freshman who has only played Rugby for one season. I have had to learn how to effectivly lead people who are much older than me, and how to motivate people to become better. My aim is to lead by example and present myself with as much enthusiasm as possible. If my teammates see that I am enthusiastic about Rugby, they will be more willing to listen to my leadership. I have also instructed Taekwondo to children and adults since I was 13. This is a difficult task due to the fact that many times the students do not wish to be there and I must motivate them to do something they do not want. I value efficiency and try to reflect that in my leadership positions.


Enthusiasm, commitment, and motivation.


Interested in being in a position where I can interact with people on a face to face basis. I have had to develop a great deal of motivational skills due to my activities and I would like a position that reflects this. I am particularly interested in sales due to the fact that I would interacting with other individuals and having to use enthusiasm and charisma to convince them to buy my product. I believe my skill-set and self reliance would make me successful in the sales field.

Activities and Experience

Rugby Club President

As a Freshman who had not played Rugby before I came into DePauw University. I played in the fall season and noticed that the leadership was lacking and no one was motivated to come to practice or be accountable. For the spring season I actively sought out a leadership position within the club and found that the previous leaders were very willing to give me a great deal of work. It ended up that they stopped running the club all together and I took an active interest and ran it successfully in the Spring.

Management Fellows Member

I am a member of a business preparation program that places a heavy emphasis on giving members a wide array of skills so that they can be successful in the corporate world. During this program I will participate in a semester long internship and get to experience many seminars and talks presented by graduating seniors as well as successful Depauw alumni.

Child Care Provider

I was a child care provider for three mentally handicapped children during the 2009 summer. I was in charge of them for 7-8 hours a day and had to make sure that they took their medicine, got where they needed to go, and that they were not in any danger. This job taught me a great deal about creative problem solving due to the fact that just telling a mentally handicapped child to stop will not work. I had to develop a whole system of rules and "fun punishments" that would motivate them to have enthusiasm about obeying me. It ended up working out very well and I enjoyed it a lot.

Fishers Martial Arts Instructor

I have participated in Taekwondo since I was in 5th grade. Once a student reaches Black Belt, they have the option to choose to be an instructor. This involves teaching every week, and knowing all the curriculum from the beginning belt up to your current rank. I did this since 2005 and as I have gotten older I have taken on more responsibility such as helping to organize 200 people tournaments, and judging at belt testings for lower ranks. This has taught me a great deal about leadership and motivation.

National College Honor Society Member