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Work experience

Dec 2007Present


Fashion and Earth Inc
  • Acadian Seaplants - development of a drying procedure for cultured Irish Moss.
  • Clearwater Fine Foods - Senior Biologist.
  • Atlantech Companies - Senior Biologist / Director of R&D
  • Fashion and Earth Inc - Owner
  • Aquaculture Solutions - Owner


Marine Biology

Dalhousie University

I still actively work in the field of aquaculture. I offer consulting services in the area of intensive recirculation system design, disease management, water quality management, fisheries management and lobster holding system design.

My true passion, however, is the development of my new company, Fashion and Earth Inc. I developed this company from scratch starting in 2007. I built everything right from the company name up to what it is today. It's been a tremendous effort but a lot of fun! We sell organic clothes and eco clothing for women but do intend to eventually become a family store.

Through this ecommerce development I have learned a huge array of valuable skills such as SEO, SEM, direct response copy writing, html, graphic design, PPC, content network advertising, etc.


Dalhousie Univerity

I started on my career path back in 1986 when I attended Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. I graduated with my degree in Marine Biology and worked for many years in the lobster fishery. Through this industry I became an expert in lobster holding system design and lobster biology. I then branched into finfish aquaculture where I worked for many years for Atlantech Companies designing and building intensive recirculation systems for At;antic salmon, Arctic Charr, Atlantic Halibut, etc. Much of this work required frequent travel to Chile where the bulk of our business was located.

In 2007 I started a new venture called Fashion and Earth born from my interest in green business and living sustainably. The business completed it's first full year of operation in 2009. We are a 100% online business sellingsustainable clothing and, organic clothing to women. One might say - what is the difference between sustainable (or eco-friendly) clothing and organic clothing? Well, there are differences and I would be more then willing to discuss those differences with you. You could also view my various articles here: Ezine Articles which help provide some light on the differences.


Direct Resonse Copy Writing
This is a whole different beast from normal copy. It is fun and fascinating and very challenging but a very useful skill to groom.
Copy Writing
Most of my copy writing has focused around proposals, grant applications and web copy
PPC and Adsense
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Water Quality Management
Specific to aquaculture
Fish Disease Management
Recirc System Design