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Sep 2010Present

High School Diploma

John Oliver Secondary School

I am currently in the class of 2015 student at John Oliver Secondary School enrolled in the Digital Immersion Program. We are a program that exceeds academically and technically. Academic acceleration includes one year advanced placement in Mathematics and Social Studies. A key aspect to this program is using technology, such as Mini Netbooks as learning tools in the classroom and for completing assignments.

Work experience

Sep 2011Present

Auto Detail Employee

Western Limousine Services Ltd.

  • Auto detailing of the limousine fleet for Western Limousine Services Ltd.
  • Services included: Washing, vacuuming, and washing the fleet of vehicles. 

Video Editing

Automotive Passion

Windows 7


To gain employment in a field where I can utilize my skills and training. 


I am a current student at John Oliver Secondary apart of the Digital Immersion 2015 program. I have intermediate technological skills with exceptional skills with photography and raw video editing, office documentation, troubleshooting and repairing PC/Windows based software and hardware. I am also great with mobile devices running popular operating systems such as iOS, Android, as well and BlackBerry OS. I'm exceptionally good at unlocking cellular devices as well as cellular repair and modifications. An automotive enthusiast with extensive knowledge about automotive manufacturing and most mechanical aspects. 

Skills & Attributes

  • Knowledgeable in the field of technology and has a vast knowledge of computers and mobile systems
  • Knowledgeable in the automotive industry
  • Extremely Productive in a high volume, high stress environment
  • Hardworking & Determined
  • Team player & great  social skills
  • Ability to work cash register and hand large sums of money
  • Ability to manage and run a retail store

Technological Skills:

Adobe CS - Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 8 - Linux Ubuntu 12.04+ - Microsoft Office (All Versions) - HTML Coding - Web Design


  • Staying physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle
  • Technology: Computers, mobile phones, software, and operating systems
  • Automotive enthusiast
  • Meeting new people
  • Medical Research
  • Law & Government
  • Academic achievement

About Me

I'm Ijaz Hussain, currently enrolled in John Oliver Secondary School as the graduating class of 2015. I'm enrolled in the Digital Immersion Mini School Program which is known as an innovative program for learning. Technology is used as the focal point for learning excessively in this program. I find my passions in physical fitness, automotive, and technology. 

What I Can Accomplish in the Next Two Years

  • Acquire a job paying a minimum wage salary and/or get a job that will help me gain work experience for the career path that I wish to follow (ex. Technology field or a law firm.)
  • Gain volunteer experience in a technological field or a law firm.
  • Job Links

    • Best Buy Mobile Sales Consultant (PT):
    • Customer Service Rep. at Gold's Gym:
    • User Interface Designer: