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An alumnus of the University of Virginia, Ms. Elizabeth Vincelette has built a solid reputation for academic and professional excellence since obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in English. Committed to pursuing a career in the English and humanities fields, Elizabeth Vincelette went on to attend Old Dominion University, from which she earned her Master’s degree in English. Today, Elizabeth Vincelette is pursuing her doctorate from Old Dominion University, from which she expects to graduate in May 2010. As a doctoral candidate, Elizabeth Vincelette explores the growing relationship between digital media and literature. Elizabeth Vincelette has worked on a variety of digital archiving projects, including creating an archive entitled Independent Women, which focuses on female authors in 19th Century American periodicals. Committed to expanding her knowledge, Elizabeth Vincelette has maintained active involvement in a variety of conferences. To date, Elizabeth Vincelette has participated in the MLA conference, the CCCC conference, Women in the Archives conference, and the Watson conference, among others. Elizabeth Vincelette also attended the Digital Humanities Summer Institute to train in the Textual Encoding Initiative (TEI), a form of XML used to encode text. In addition to her studies, Elizabeth Vincelette also serves Old Dominion University as an English Instructor. Specifically, Elizabeth Vincelette teaches writing and American literature. Combining her personal academic interests with teaching, Elizabeth Vincelette heavily promotes usage of digital media in conjunction with traditional studies to her students. Elizabeth Vincelette also spearheads the university’s efforts to develop a digital research and writing archive for student work. Throughout her academic career, Elizabeth Vincelette’s exemplary work has been recognized with numerous awards and scholarships. Most recently, Elizabeth Vincelette received accolades for her assistantship in the English department at Old Dominion University. Elizabeth Vincelette also received the Pegasus Travel Scholarship, a Scholarship for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, and a travel grant to attend the Association for Computers in the Humanities.

At the Faculty Awards banquet at Old Dominion University held on May 4, 2010, Elizabeth Vincelette received the university-wide award for Classroom Instructor from among all nominated graduate teaching assistants in all departments of the university.  The following information regarding Elizabeth Vincelette has been paraphrased from the program for the event:  Elizabeth Vincelette is pursuing her Ph. D. in English.  She has taught a number of English classes, including both writing and literature sections, such as American Writers, American Experiences and English Composition.  Her nominator highlighted how she "draws on her own love of learning to motivate her students to do their best," and described her as an "engaging teacher."  In her writing classes, Elizabeth Vincelette strives to give her students something to walk away with from the class, including confidence and ownership that allow the students to "connect what is meaningful to them."  Vincelette has received the Shining Star Award from her students and several scholarships from both Old Dominion University and the University of Victoria.  Her publications have been featured in The Edgar Allan Poe Review, NeoAmericanist, and Copy(write):  Intellectual Property in the Writing Classroom.  She is also a member of Digital Americanists, the Association for Computing in the Humanities, and the Modern Language Association.

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