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Work experience


President/General Manager


Led a 250 member $65 million manufacturing facility with 9 direct reports. Managed a $30 million annual cost of goods budget and $10 million overhead budget.  Produced electronic tanning beds for the commercial and private marketing sectors.  Focus was on all operations departments with no direct responsibility sales and marketing comparable to a vice president operations or general manager.

Contributions Snapshot: Hired to lead turnaround of a marginally successful non-profitable company to take it to the next level. Manufacturing policy was a traditional agenda with no regard for any waste elimination strategies accounting for no inventory controls, high overhead, low throughput, low quality and virtually no metrics to measure success. Developed the Strategic Business System that incorporated Lean Manufacturing techniques to create a world class environment. Created a best-in-class environment incorporating systems that greatly improved safety, increased quality awareness, reduced costs, reduced inventories, and improved throughput leading the company back to profitability.

Key Results:

  • Designed and implemented a strategic business system based on several automotive models  with a primary focus on the Toyota Production System, QS 9000 and ISO 9000.
  • Reduced manufacturing overhead costs by approximately 50%, focusing on expense budget control and three-way quoting for new and renewed contracts. 
  • Increased throughput by 20% and reduced direct labor by 30% by redesigning assembly line layout from long linear lines to lean cellular manufacturing concepts using takt time and cycle time evaluations. 
  • Decreased indirect labor by 45% by increasing quality levels placing the emphasis of quality on the team member creating the value added.Quality Auditing department was reduced from 24 technicians to 2 technicians. 
  • Refocused direction of company’s cash flow by eliminating waste in inventory management from $18 million to $7.5 million managing work-in-process and finished goods through kanban and days supply management.
  • Managed inventory at the suppliers versus in-plant storage increasing green space for new product lines. 
  • Managed lead times and reduced days on hand from in excess of 300 to less than 100.  Focused on obsolete with new product launches reducing inventory from over $1 million to less than $100 thousand. 
  • Reduced accidents from 30+ to less than 10 annually by incorporating 5S principles. 
  • Responsible for FDA quality system requirements and ETL compliance for all equipment. 
  • Key team member for introducing the AXAPTA ERP system for manufacturing. 
  • Incorporated Sales and Operations planning versus using the sales forecast to manage finished goods, reducing inventory from $8 million to less than $2million. 
  • Responsible for following FDA and ETL guidelines in the design and operation of all equipment.

Director of Manufacturing

O-Cedar Brands

Led 4 mid-western manufacturing facilities with 120 team members and 8 direct reports. Produced household tools for the retail and distribution markets.  Responsible for the strategic initiatives for manufacturing, engineering and planning.

Contributions Snapshot: Built a new facility consolidating three facilities into one state-of-the-art Lean Manufacturing plant reducing overhead and labor costs to remain competitive in a tight market. While working with marketing, implemented new processes to enhance the wow factor of our products while increasing quality and reducing customer claims.

Key Results:

  • Developed overall business plans for growth using Lean Manufacturing concepts. 
  • Reduced direct labor 25% by consolidating facilities. 
  • Reduced customer claims 29% by using ISO 9000 principles and emphasizing first time quality. 
  • Implemented cost reduction programs with resulted in annualized savings of $878,145 with capital contribution of $142,331. 
  • Reduced general expenses 15%. 
  • Reduced accidents and lost times, 100% and 66% respectively using kaizen continuous improvement teams. 
  • Successfully defeated a Teamsters organizing campaign by more than a two to one margin. 
  • Functional leader for manufacturing and planning in the implementation of the PeopleSoft ERP system.

Business Unit Manager

Valeo Engine Cooling

Responsible for the general management of a $160 million business unit with 350 team members and 11 direct reports.  Tier One supplier of radiators, condensors, and engine module assemblies for the automotive OEM and aftermarket.

Key Results:

  • Implemented QS 9000.
  • 17% reduction of direct labor.
  • 30% increase in green manufacturing space.
  • 45% reduction in scrap.
  • 300% reduction in OSHA recordables.

Business Unit Manager

Arvin Industries

Worldwide manufacture of automotive original equipment and aftermarket products.  Responsible for leadership of aftermarket suspension products with 60 team members and 5 direct reports. 

Key Results:

  • Implemented QS 9000. 
  • 17% reduction of direct labor. 
  • 30% increase in green manufacturing space. 
  • 45% reduction in scrap. 
  • 300% reduction in OSHA recordables.

Various Additional Experience

Held several positions during this period in automotive, electronics, and oil field.  Details are available upon request.

Jun 1974Aug 1981

Aviation Electricians Mate First Class Petty Officer


Received nomination for Master Training Specialist of which less than .01% achieve.  "A" school class honorman with the highest GPA.  As the recruit petty officer in charge, led my basic training company to the highest honor of Color Company, best-in-class graduating unit.  Promoted to all pay grades on the first time eligible.




Unversity of Tulsa


Southern Illinois University


State Technical Institute at Memphis


Lean Manufacturing Concepts
Microsoft Office


Charles Aigner

Barry Vickers

Frank Dearman


Entrepreneurial leader for automotive, electronic and oil field industries, highly skilled in world-class lean manufacturing concepts and lean six sigma techniques

Key contributor with long range strategic and tactical vision backed by 25+ years of cross-functional experience in manufacturing facilities using lean manufacturing methods.Recognized as a champion of change, quality, and continuous improvement programs including cellular manufacturing, total quality (TQC), autoquality, u-flow process, total productive maintenance (TPM), quick changeover (SMED), autonomous work teams, kanban, inventory reduction, as well as lean manufacturing programs and other statistical waste elimination initiatives.

nIncreased cash flow by managing inventories to lowest acceptable levels without any discomfort to the customer.

nReduced operating wastes by defining the waste stream, systematically eliminating or reducing them.

nIncorporated quality systems that focused on the customer’s delight and satisfaction.

nLeveraged world-class manufacturing systems using Toyota (quality, cost and throughput) principles that resulted in significant profit improvement and operating efficiencies.

nIncreased operation performance by managing through metrics to determine where the best opportunity of continuous improvement exists, developing cross-functional teams to eliminate any opportunities.

nIncreased system reliability and yields through statistical processes (SPC, GR&R, Cpk).

nImplemented sustainability by incorporating green technologies in product design and facility operation.

nBuilt organizations capable of effectively handling new business while maintaining overall productivity.

Accomplished senior manager adept at recognizing and providing mentoring to optimize individual leadership talents of personnel.Natural ability to smell out success for processes that are not performing by utilizing the expertise of cross-functional teams at all levels of the organization.Risk-taker that tries new ideas without exposing the company to financial hardships.Quick learner who is highly skilled at using variation analysis, 7 quality tools, value-stream mapping, DMAIC, 8D corrective action to determine the true root cause of opportunity not the symptoms.


Hunting, Fishing, Golf, Racquetball, Hiking, Missionary Work



Certified Manufacturing Engineer


Certified Quality Engineer


Certified in Integrated Resource Planning


Certified in Production and Inventory Management



United States Navy