Gilberto Hernandez

Gilberto Hernandez

Work experience

Work experience
1989 - Present

Senior Vice President/Treasurer

Caribbean Financial Group

Directly responsible for managing funding, lines of credit, banking relations, cash flow management and related treasury functions.  Provide top level counseling and decision support to the company's strategic development efforts.  In addition, provide research, financial and risk analysis, and valuation support to operations in Puerto Rico and all international subsidiaries.

Instrumental in the development of new products and new markets, short/long term strategic planning, policies and procedures, economic and industry analysis, pricing strategies, feasibility studies, IT systems, expense control programs, regulatory, tax and internal controls.

1987 - 1989

Budget Manager

Refreshment Products Services, Inc. (Coca-Cola Caribbean)

Directed the financial reporting, strategic and operating plan development, budgets, and key development projects for the Caribbean Basin’s 21 franchises in 23 countries. Major contributions include: the automation of financial reporting, the conversion to one-way market in Jamaica, the strategic purchase of the Grenada’s Pepsi plant, the establishment of a 936 parallel plant in Barbados, the valuation of St. Vincent’s franchise, and the capacity expansion project in the Dominican Republic.

1979 - 1987

Manager of Information Systems

F&JM Carrera, Inc.

Directed the mainframe and PC computer operations, including the design of business applications, budget models and profitability analysis efforts for this multi-brand distributing and manufacturing concern. Accomplishments include the automation of warehouse operations and credit approvals, and the conversion to a pre-billing system, all of which resulted in major delivery and financial improvements.




1984 - Present

Certified Public Accountant

1996 - Present

Certified Valuation Analyst