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Software Used: Mechanical Engineer, ProE, Mechanica, Intralink, SolidWorks, Cosmos, CFD, FEA, Mold Flow Analysis, Spring Design, LabView, MS Office

Developed Skill Set: Project Management, Conventional Machinist, Welder, Soldering, Inspection, Laboratory Testing, Advanced Prototyping Techniques, ANSI 14.5Y, Certified Load Planner, Analyst


My career goal is to transition, and gather more managerial experience, while staying close to the engineering field. 

Transferrable Skills

Defense Sector Experience

Work experience

Manufacturing Engineer

Frontier Systems

Worked with engineering, manufacturing and testing.Created vendor lists, routers, and process plans for manufacturing.Designed assembly, and manufacturing fixtures for both engineering and manufacturing.Designed flight parts for engineering.Set up and performed characterization and validation testing for both engineering and manufacturing.(Majority of work was in support of the UAV A160 Hummingbird Unmanned Helicopter)

Jun 2007Present

Project Engineer

Johnson Design

Worked as a design engineer, developing new concepts and products (Flushometer Valves, Control Stops, Pressure Regulators, Flow Meters, Flow Regulators, etc.) for Sloan Valve Company.Typical project work included, hydraulic sizing calculation, prototyping testing & optimizing, design for manufacture, and creation of turnover production drawing set.Reports were used to document R & D efforts / learning’s, as well as key milestones in each of the products development.The majority of the work performed was in support of advanced research and development of hydraulic systems and products that are just now reaching the market.

Jun 2002Jun 2007

Sr Mechanical Engineer

Lockheed Martin

Worked as both a mechanical design and field engineer, in support of the Navy’s DSRV (Deep Sea Submergence Rescue Vehicle).Worked with special forces, in particular ASDS group in designing, developing, an utilizing IFV (Installation Verification Fixtures) for submarines.Worked with a specialized engineering group in the design of cathodic protection systems, and connectors for submarines and off shore oil platforms.Created and maintained drawings sets and documentation complying with ANSY 14.5Y, NAVSEA Scope of Certification, and SUBSAFE criteria when necessary.Selected to act as a liaison / project engineer between a separate Lockheed Division, and a company they acquired.The work was in support of a wing kit guided bomb system (Leigh Aero Systems, Long Shot).The Military work require Top Secret clearance, which was held for the duration of my employment at Lockheed Martin.


Jun 2001Present

Bachelor of Science

California State University Long Beach