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Headquartered in Northern Virginia,IIF Data Solutions, Inc., initially performed database management and force management integration tasks for the National Guard Bureau. Since its founding in 1997, IIF Data Solutions, Inc., has expanded its services to encompass domestic operations, logistics support, management engineering, information technology, and human resources solutions. The company's ability to grow and its proven track record of satisfying clients' needs directly reflect its commitment to employee retention. Its yearly turnover rate remains less than 10 percent in an industry that averages over 25 percent nationally. The company utilizes its consistent workforce to provide clients with high-quality work on time and under budget. Its senior leadership team possesses over 250 years of cumulative experience working with Department of Defense agencies, and its support teams have extensive experience in such fields as business and contract management, human resources, and program management. IIF Data Solutions, Inc., offers a variety of emergency management and domestic operations support services, including exercise development and execution, consultation, facilitation, and on-call staffing support. IIF Data Solutions, Inc., possesses expertise in the areas of joint operation concept staffing; civil emergency management; turn-key role player support services; and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives consultation. The company prides itself on providing proven readiness strategies that will endure under the strain of even the most severe domestic disasters, and it offers individualized on- and off-site training in catastrophic disaster operations and all aspects of domestic operations. Training programs include advanced joint operations exercises, adaptive battle staff workshops and seminars, and basic and advanced training for emergency operations centers.