Elmer Wells

Table of Contents

I.      Resume

II.    Portfolio

a.    Communication Studies Paperwork

                                              i.    Coursework Review Paper

                                            ii.    Informational Interview

                                            iii.    Rosa Parks Paper

                                            iv.    Application of Health Communication Theories

b.    History and English Paperwork

                                              i.    Hotel Rwanda Movie Review

                                            ii.    Steroid Abuse in Sports

                                            iii.    Civil War Research Paper

c.    Spanish Coursework

                                              i.    Interview Paper

                                            ii.    Future World Paper

III.  Work History

IV. Education

V.  Skills

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2007 - Jan 2010


Nick's Canteen

  • Assisted in the recruiting and hiring of employees
  • Managed employee schedules and assisted in payroll
  • Managed all delivery aspects directly
  • Aided in cashiering and cooking when necessary
  • Assisted in the marketing of Nick’s Canteen to customers
  • Aided in the end of the day sales reports and deposits
  • Performed opening and closing of store 
Jun 2009 - Sep 2009

Customer Service Representative


  • Managed customers’ bank accounts and assisted customers with the maintenance of their accounts
  • Assisted customers with the troubleshooting of their online accounts
  • Handled numerous account transactions such as balance transfers
  • Conducted credit card sales
  • Communicated with customers on daily basis involving multiple account issues
Jun 2007 - Aug 2008


Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Conducted the sale of products
  • Handled money and receipts involved in those transactions
  • Worked efficiently and accurately ensuring orders were completed correctly
  • Performed opening and closing duties
Jun 2006 - Sep 2006

Sales Representative

Vector Marketing

  • Conducted face to face sales presentations with customers
  • Handled the sale of products, payment of products and all paperwork involved in those sales
  • Communicated with customers over the phone concerning product sales
  • Filed sales reports and handled sales receipts involving all products sold 





Video Creation/Editing

Microsoft Access

Website Design

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Windows Platform

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word


Mac OS X Platform


Customer Service