My professional experience includes one-on-one interaction with customers at each institution I've been affiliated with. I'm used to being put into situations that I have had to make a last minute decision, and with adequate practice, have become quite skilled in this notion. Moreover, I have been selected to coordinate with my professor to become a Teaching Assistant. I coordinated with professor to ensure accuracy of all grades for a class of 200+ students. My goals are to acquire a writing/editing position that will allow me to showcase my research abilities as well as my skilled writing abilities.

Table of Contents

  • Summary of my goals, work ethic and professional philosophy
  • Work history
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Goals
  • Writing samples

Work History

Work History
Jun 2009 - Aug 2009


Maloney and Maloney, Inc
Efficiently scanned all paper files into electronic system Actively offered to help brokers in order to enhance office productivity Corresponded with clients regarding faxing over important documents Directed all incoming calls to various departments utilizing customer service in fast paced environment
Jun 2006 - Aug 2008

Senior Counselor

Sportime of the Hamptons
Interacted with parents regarding children's best interest Organized demanding schedule based on individual children's needs Supervised up to 15 campers daily between the ages of 3-4 Created program to introduce 5-10 year olds to cheerleading once a week



Bachelor of Arts

West Virginia University
2006 - 2010

West Virginia University



Group work skills

Participated in various small group projects for coursework, producing a cohesive and competent outcome of work in the form of a presentation or paper, always exceeding my duties as a group member and contributing tconstructively to the overall outcome of group work.


Overlook and improve various friends' coursework papers as well as my own throughout my duration as an Undergraduate at West Virginia University.

Writing consciously

Maintained impressive grades on each writing assignment and opinion based essay submitted for coursework at West Virginia University as well as produced clean and engaging e-mails to students throughout the duration of  my time as a Teaching Assistant.


Throughout all four years of Undergraduate career at West Virginia University I have maintained excellent attendance as well as paying attention to detail on every project I have committed myself to.


Selected by Professor to become a Teaching Assistant on account of outstanding coursework performance. Coordinated with Professor to ensure accuracy of all grades for a class of 200+ students.   Delegated tasks and roles in small group coursework settings.   Directed all incoming calls to various departments at Insurance Company utlizing customer service in fact paced environment.


Apply research findings to major concepts in coursework setting as well as implement new research ideas in collaboration with classmates to form cohesive and relevent research projects