Jerry Layne

Jerry Layne

Work experience

Work experience
2007 - 2010

General Manager

AMC Theatres

Successful facilitator of learning by introducing new concepts, sharing rationale and evaluating comprehension.Trained and developed employees from various levels via both formal, specialized, interactive group instruction and informal, one-on-one interactions:

·Specialized Seminars for Managers during Onboarding Process

·Orientation Sessions/Service Seminars

·Individualized Coaching and Performance Instruction


  • Ranked top 3% in company on the “people development” metric for the 2009 fiscal year.Exceeded development targets by more than 100% for both years of tenure; (normal expectation is to promote one candidate per year); promoted 5 candidates in two year period.  Achieved results through:
  • Connecting with associates by building relationships based on fairness, respect, and open, honest, two-way communication

·Presenting timely and accurate feedback that is both positive and developmental

·Leveraging participative management leadership approach to include and empower

·Providing support to allow for risk-taking without removing responsibility

Employee Relations

  • 91% favorable rating received on associate engagement survey for second quarter of 2010 fiscal year in response to the statement, “I am extremely satisfied with AMC as a place to work;” outscored D.C. market by 20%
  • 90% favorable rating received on associate engagement survey for third quarter of the 2010 fiscal year in response to the statement, “I am proud to work for AMC;” outscored D.C. market by 25%

Employee Life Cycle

  • Managed employee life cycle from recruitment to separation: recruitment, interview and selection process; ensured selection and retention of top talent while maintaining compliance with company employment law and diversity practices; onboarding, orientation sessions, OJT training, performance management, appraisal process, separation


  • Administered performance appraisal process to ensure wage increases were based on merit; rendered decisions on requests for exceptions to standard compensation practices; analyzed impact of all potential changes on budget
  • Successfully planned for and oversaw processes surrounding multiple federal and state minimum wage increases: reviewed compression analysis and adjusted compensation as needed, entry of payroll changes into HRIS database, personnel file updates, communication to associates regarding impact


  • Ranked as high as #12 in company for reduction in turnover 6 straight quarters when compared to the previous year; turnover reduced as much as 50% during this timeframe
2005 - 2007

Senior Manager, General Manager in Training, Manager

AMC Theatres

Performance Management

  • Coached and counseled underperforming managers and team members; used progressive discipline practices, updated critical incidents log where appropriate and wrote accurate, detailed performance appraisals

Workforce Management

  • Reduced annual department payroll costs by 50%; improved efficiency by streamlining inventory procedures and eliminating unnecessary staff

Training Seminars

  • Participated in several company training sessions: employment law, interviewing, terminations, leadership, train-the-trainer for facilitators
2004 - 2005

Assistant Fitness Center Director

University at Albany
  • Initiated and created comprehensive appraisal system based on pre-established performance criteria



PHR Certification, in progress
2005 - 2007

M.S. in Management: Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

University of South Florida

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2000 - 2004

B.A. in Psychology

University at Albany