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Work experience

Marine Biologist/Fisheries Observer

Alaskan Observers

• Designed and implemented scientific sampling techniques of fisheries catch aboard commercial fishing vessels in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska.• Compiled and transmitted catch and biological data to National Marine Fisheries Service.• Used dichotomous keys to identify fish, crab, bird and mammal species. Obtained samples and measurements from fish and crab.• Worked completely independent of supervision while aboard fishing vessels for weeks at a time.• Performed duties under extreme conditions including sleep deprivation, freezing temperatures and intense wave action.

Aug 2010Present

Graduate Researcher

New Mexico State University

Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse Movement Study, M.S. Thesis ProjectNew Mexico State University, Biology Department

• Performed literature review of previous salt marsh harvest mouse research, as well as field techniques.• Radio-collared all salt marsh harvest mice.• Performed standard radio-telemetry techniques such as triangulating and homing.• Performed habitat assessments to select and characterize study sites.• Performed standard trapping and measurements of salt marsh harvest mice.• Supervised two field assistants and coordinated four colleagues in the field.

May 2009Present

Wildlife Scientific Aid

California Department of Fish and Game

• Assisted in selection, design, and conception of trapping grids and set traps nightly.• Obtained scientific measurements and performed behavioral evaluations of rodents.• Applied dermal radio transmitters to Salt Marsh Harvest Mice and performed radio telemetry surveys during the day and overnight.• Identified and evaluated vegetation within trapping grids.• Assisted in preparation of scientific reports. Performed data organization, entry and analysis.• Performed maintenance and repair of Sherman small mammal traps.

Mar 2007Oct 2009

Fish Scientific Aid

California Department of Fish and Game

• Handled, identified, tagged and obtained data from California fish species of various sizes and life stages.• Piloted and crewed river and sea-faring vessels.• Utilized various hand and power tools to performed general maintenance on project boats, vehicles and equipment.• Performed necropsies on fish to determine sex, evaluate for health, and retrieve otoliths.• Acted as a liaison between the department and potentially hostile fishermen.• Obtained scientific data while distributing literature and communicating with the public.


Microsoft Office
I have extensive training and experience in the Microsoft Office Suite.  I utilize Word, Publisher and Powerpoint in for work and in my own research.  Additionally I have used Excel and Access to design and implement databases for the California Department of Fish and Game and for my own research.
Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance
I have experience utilizing heavy equipment such as four wheel drive vehicles, all terrain vehicles, and small  vessels equipped with outboard and inboard motors.   I have experience crewing larger vessels up to 150 feet.  I have experience maintaining fleet equipment from ensuring vehicles receive scheduled maintenance to changing the spark plugs in an outboard motor.
I have received GIS instruction at 3 institutions, one of which led to a GIS minor.  I have used ArcMap to analyze data and create maps for the California Department of Fish and Game, for colleagues as well as for my own research.  My research has primarily been in the realm of spatial analysis.

Thesis Research

GIS Samples


$1,000 Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse Research Funds – 12/2010

California Department of Fish and Game

$20,000 Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse Research Grant – 5/2011

California Department of Water Resources


New Mexico State University College of Arts and Science Three Minute Thesis Competition

February 2012

Refuge Use and Movement of the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse

New Mexico State University Graduate Research and Arts Symposium

March 2012

Refuge Use and Movement of the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse

New Mexico State University Biology Department Biosymposium

March 2012

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now: Tidal Avoidance and Movement of the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse

Animal Behavior Society

49th Annual Meeting of the Animal Behavior Society

June 2012

Should I stay or should I go: Tide avoidance of the salt marsh harvest mouse

Teaching Experience

Natural History of Life

• Instructed students on basic concepts of the scientific method.• Lectured on concepts such as plant and animal diversity, taxonomy, evolution, ecology, climate change, nutrition, natural selection.• Trained and assisted students in the use of laboratory equipment.

Life, Energy and Evolution• Delivered lectures and supervised activities during the professor’s absence.• Prepared and implemented laboratory exercises.• Facilitated discussion of reading materials.

 Zoology• Instructed students in taxonomic and phylogenetic methods.• Prepared and assisted students in laboratory dissections of specimens.• Assisted students in identification of taxonomic groups and in identifying important evolutionary traits.

Human Biology• Instructed students on basic concepts of the scientific method assisted students in experimental design for a group project.• Prepared and lead laboratory exercises and demonstrations of gel electrophoresis, ELISA plates, and human physiology.• Taught basic scientific concepts such as evolution, ecology, climate change, nutrition, natural selection.