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Changing the world with writing, advertising and my personality. 


Aug 2006Dec 2010


Oklahoma State University

Senior- Advertising/Pre-Law/Mass Communication

Previous Courses relating to major:

Fall 2007:

Speech Communication.

Fall 2008:

Media Style and Structure and Media and Society.

Spring 2009:

International Mass Communication and Marketing.

Fall 2009:

Principles of Advertising, Mass Communication Law, Consumer and Market Behavior and Promotional Strategies.

Spring 2010:

 Layout and Design, Copywriting, Internet Communication,  Photojournalism and Advertising Media and Markets. 

Fall 2010:

Professional Selling, International Marketing, Audio Video Production, Strategic Communication Campaigns. 


Adobe CS5
Taken a layout and design class; taught me how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
Photojournalism class has taught me how to take an editorial photo as well as taught me how to make a photojournalism essay. That essay I will compete with in the Hearst Photo essay contest in Spring '11. The essay is located on my blog,, if you would like to look at it.

Work experience

Feb 2010Present


Joseppis Restaurant

Waiting tables to help pay my way through school. 

May 2010Present

Senior Supervisor

Panoak Natural Gas

The most recent internship resulting in a part-time job. I specialize in selling natural gas to small municipalities. Learning the business has taught me to more fully work with people from different backgrounds. I continue to work for Panoak on the side during my final semester at Oklahoma State and I keep in touch with my boss on a weekly basis, David Miller, Vice-President Sales and Marketing.

Aug 2009Oct 2009


Aggies Steakhouse

Waiting on tables for a variety of different people. It's taught me how to speak with many different walks of life, how to work hard and focus on what I'm doing when I am behind with tables to keep everyone happy. Aggies doors closed in October 2009.

May 2008Aug 2008


Trinity Restoration
It was a summer internship, working for a great businessman. I learned a lot of things, such as how to treat your employees to keep them enthusiastic about coming to work every day, showing his employees how to build a company to expand nationwide and keeping his staff in the best attitude possible.

The past, present but not future


Bill Smith

Bill was my immediate boss at Trinity Restoration. He was the Operating Manager for the company from open to close. 

David Miller

David has been as boss of mine twice; most recently at Panoak Natural Gas and previously at Trinity Restoration. He is now the Vice- President for Panoak Natural Gas working in Marketing the Natural Gas. He is also working on the final stages for his book, topic of Trinity Restoration, the Rise and Fall. In the book he speaks about what he did right, what he did wrong and the things he's learned along the way. 

David is a graduate of Oklahoma State and he also has his MBA.