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I have worked the past 13 years in a Japanese Tier 1 automotive company producing interior switches for most the major manufacturers including Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Subaru.  During those years, I have been exposed to and trained in the Toyota Production System.  All daily activities were driven by the principles of 5S, kaizen, jidoka, kanban, elimination of muda, andon and genchi genbutsu.  Utilized 5-Why Analysis and PDCA cycle to approach problem solving on a constant basis.  Have successfully managed engineering, maintenance and production teams to meet and exceed all company measurables for safety, quality and productivity.

Work experience

Jan 2004Feb 2010

Production Manager


Managed over 100 associates and machines in the injection molding and Pad Printing areas. Responsible for hiring, training and scheduling of all manpower in production area. Determined budgets, controlled daily expenses and purchased all capital and non-capital equipment. Maintained minimal inventory and scheduled daily production through the kanban system. Directed all continuous improvement (Kaizen) activity to reduce waste, improve productivity and meet quality targets.  Supervised daily 5S activities to maintain a safe and clean work environment. Coordinated all mold and machine repairs, improvements and preventative maintenance. Developed, maintained and presented management control boards and PowerPoint presentations for all departmental activities.

  • Reduced machine change-over time by 50% by utilizing standard work, improving 5S and implementing new technology
  • Introduced 2-shot molding technology which included automated material loading and packaging system
  • Successfully transferred vertical insert molding systems from closing supplier
  • Managed start-up of automated work cell which contained progressive metal stamping, insert molding, welding and visual and functional testing
  • Lead team to improve operation and defect ratios for automated pad printing machines
  • Developed training dojo for molding area to educate and maintain skill levels for all associates
  • Visited Japan on multiple occasions to participate in Global Molding Study Session and train in the principles of the Toyota Production System
  • Implemented part weight based SPC system to reduce defect ratio and labor
  • Introduced a plant floor monitoring system (Andon) that reduced machine downtime by 15%
  • Developed a management control system to monitor and prevent hydrolysis failures
  • Initiated a scrap recycling program to reduce landfill waste by 80%
  • Introduced new material conveyance system that aided in reducing defects and change-over time
  • Organized and participated in community-based activities including Adopt-A-Highway and Corporate Olympics
Mar 2001Dec 2003

Engineering/Maintenance Manager


Managed engineering, machine and mold maintenance departments to support daily operations in production area. Specified, purchased and implemented all new molds and equipment. Developed and tracked all engineering projects and timelines to ensure they were completed on time and within budget. Scheduled and maintained daily PM system for all molds and equipment.

Apr 1997Feb 2001

Production Engineer


Developed processes for all new molds and equipment. Wrote and maintained all process documents for production area. Worked with internal and external tool shops to coordinate new molds, repairs and engineering changes. Performed daily toubleshooting and improvements on processes and equipment.

  • Developed automated regrind system that reduced material costs by $15k/month
  • Introduced and completed high-cycle trials of all products reducing overall cycle times over 15%
  • Reduced manpower requirements for secondary operations by introducing self-degating molds, trimming robots and end of arm tooling.
Jan 1996Mar 1997

Process Technician

Medtronic, Inc.

Setup and troubleshooting of injection molding machines. Assembly and dis-assembly of component molds and minor maintenance. Conducted trials for engineering department.

Jun 1995Dec 1995

Setup Technician

ADAC Plastics

Setup and troubleshoot injection molding machines and support equipment.  Summer internship and last semester of college.

Jun 1993Aug 1994

Operator / Setup Technician

Lacks Enterprises

Summer internships.  Operated and setup injection molding machines.  Trained in basic troubleshooting.



Bachelor of Science

Ferris State University


Personal Strengths
Based on Tom Rath's book, Strength Finder 2.0, the strengths that make me stand out from others include: Achiever - driven, constant need for achievement, causes me to set the pace and define the levels of productivity for the work group Self-Assurance - faith in strengths, able to take risks, able to meet new challenges, able to deliver, confidence in abilities and judgment Competition - aware of other people's performance and use it to strive to compete and win, like other competitors because it invigorates me Command - leads me to take charge, not frightened by confrontation, but see it as the first step of resolution, challenge others to be honest and push them to take risks Significance - want to be recognized and be heard by others, be appreciated for the unique strengths I bring, push others to be credible, professional and successful, drives from mediocre toward the exceptional.  
Toyota Production System
Principles of 5S, kaizen, jidoka, kanban, elimination of muda, andon and genchi genbutsu
Computer Skills
Fluent in Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.  Familiar with developing and utilizing these applications on a daily basis to track, improve and update all aspects of manufacturing.




Jul 1997Present

RJG Systematic Molding I

Jul 1998Present

RJG Systematic Molding II

Dec 2006Present

People Skills for Managers

Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison
Jul 2001Present

Management Skills for New Managers