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Head Studio Engineer

Comedian Carlos Velasquez

Recorded, mixed and mastered two comedy voiceover reels for comedian Carlos Velasquez.

Done in Pro Tools HD 8.


"A Beautiful Disease"

26 Summer Lane Productions

Composed, authored, directed, engineered and performed full-scale rock opera at Elon University, entitled "A Beautiful Disease"

First major production in Elon's history to be composed, authored and directed by a single student

Full-length studio CD of the opera's music was engineered, mixed and mastered by Pressley in its entirety

All-original album artwork

Review of "A Beautiful Disease" by Amanda Kennison of The Pendulum -

A couch, a desk, a vanity, four actors and five musicians — that's all it took to transform the stage of McCrary Theatre into the world of "A Beautiful Disease."The minimalistic onstage presence teamed with the dedicated work of backstage hands and awe-inspiring lighting design captivated a full audience last Saturday night. From the mind of senior Andrew Pressley, "A Beautiful Disease" offers a fresh view on romance and relationships. The show uses the classic setup of boy meets girl, falls in love and overcomes some hardship. But that's where the run of the mill similarities end.Pressley served as director, writer, composer and guitarist for the production, producing a rock opera rather than writing the traditional honors thesis paper for his Honors Fellows requirement. He seriously considered the implications of the rock opera label.  Particularly evident was the tragic thematic makeup found in a majority of classic operas. Emphasizing the lies and betrayals that accompany a romance, Pressley's plot moves away from the all too common, "rose-colored glasses," approach to love.Tracing the relationship between actress Rubina Jackson (sophomore Britney Caughell) and stagehand Marty Gibson (senior Kevin Manship), the show questions how far a person will go to protect the person they love.The age difference between Rubina and Marty — she's 26 and he's 17 — doesn't bother them. It doesn't matter to Rubina that Marty is a "little boy," or to Marty that Rubina isn't "shiny and new." The age difference serves as the catalyst leading to the couple's downfall.Ryan Thomas (junior Richard McNulty) acts as the show's antagonist. As the sleazy owner of the theater company Rubina and Marty work for, Ryan spends his time finding ways to avoid and cheat on his wife, Charlotte (freshman Sara Snyder). Lusting after Rubina, Ryan finds the perfect way to trap her. Upon finding out about Rubina and Marty's relationship, Ryan threatens to turn Rubina into the police for having a sexual relationship with a minor, unless she agrees to satisfy him with a weekly tryst.Feeling she has no other option, Rubina agrees to Ryan's proposition. From this decision, the rest of the show quickly spirals into a rushed, fatal ending for all.For a four-person cast, this show was packed with personality and feeling. Caughell gave a convincingly heartfelt turn as a wounded woman trying to enjoy and protect her unexpected love. Manship's cocky,  yet sweet nature exemplified a young boy in his first serious relationship. Marty's ending dialogue took the maturity of the character up quite a bit, further endearing him to the audience with his message of love's endurance.McNulty's turn as the laid back, sketchy Ryan provided some much needed comic relief. He pulled off portraying the villainous jerk — but in a good way. And though she was only on stage for a handful of moments, Sara Snyder's performance provided a lot of bang, both figuratively and literally.But, the real breakout star of this performance was definitely the music.As in any great rock opera, the music made the show. For a relatively short show, the music guided the tempo of the performance, adding in the depth and transition necessary to the development of the plot without having to rely solely on the words and actions of the actors.Accompanying Pressley in the musical ensemble were senior Mike Lobacz (guitar), junior Jacob Danieley (guitar), junior Adam Scalici (bass) and professor Tony Sawyer (drums/percussion). While each of the performers did a fairly seamless job transitioning from acting to singing, the musicians added a lively punch to the show.As a composer, Pressley proved his versatility and talent for establishing a distinct mood with his music. The 12 original musical numbers showcased a breadth of artistic style ranging from soothing ballads to full-blown rock-out jam sessions. In combination with the visual party the light show created, audiences never had a second's chance to be bored with the show.The major regret of the performance was the fact it wasn't any longer. More time would have hopefully offered more chance for more complex character interaction and more great music.As it is, "A Beautiful Disease" lived up to its name. It was indeed a beautiful performance and won't be gotten over anytime soon.

Aug 2008May 2010


Elon Electric Ensemble

Lead Guitarist for Elon's Electric Ensemble

Group was designed to take pieces of music from various genres and re-arrange it.

Concert themes included Singers and Songwriters, (Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, James Taylor, David Bowie), and Woodstock, (Jimi Hendrix, The Who, CCR).


Head Studio Engineer

The Tipsy Bacchanals

Head Studio Engineer and Guitarist - three full demos for The Tipsy Bacchanals

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered entirety of all three demos

Done in Pro Tools HD 8

Sep 2006May 2009


elan Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Lead Guitarist, elan Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Elon University

Performed in many of the group's themed shows throughout my time at Elon. elan performed the music of Queen, Steely Dan, Earth, Wind and Fire, Chicago, Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Santana and various other groups/shows.

May 2008Aug 2008


OMG Records
Jun 2007Jul 2007


Blow Up Records


Aug 2006Present

Bachelor of Arts and Science

Elon University

Cum Laude Graduate

Member - Lamdba Pi Eta Communications Honors Fraternity - 2009 to 2010

Special Conditions Officer, Treasurer and Founding Member - Kappa Kappa Psi Music Fraternity - 2008 to 2010

C.J. Velie Scholar - 2007 to 2010

Presidential Scholar - 2006 to 2010

Dean's List and President's List - 2006 to 2010

Honors Fellow - 2006 to 2010


Fim Editor
Press Release and Commentary Writing
Award-winning commentary writer on the national level.
Digital Artist
Designed cover art for rock opera Various sundry projects completed while in college
Composed full-scale rock opera as part of completion of Elon Honors Thesis Composed music for various short films and projects
Audio Engineering and Mastering
Head Studio Engineer on various demos and projects throughout college - (see work history section for more details) Proficient in these audio editing programs - Pro Tools, Logic, Garageband, PreSonus StudioOne
Bass Guitar Performance
Received private instruction in bass guitar from age of 12 onward
Guitar Performance
Received private instruction in guitar from age of 12 onward


Todd Coleman

Personal Mentor for Honors Thesis at Elon University.

Tony Sawyer

Larry Keith

Rick Earl

Thomas Erdmann



Andrew James Pressley is a cum laude honor graduate of Elon University with a B.A. in Media Arts and Entertainment and a B.S. in Music Technology. A member of the prestigious Elon Honors Fellows, Pressley's most notable contribution to Elon was "A Beautiful Disease," a rock opera he composed, authored, directed and performed in. Pressley completed the project under the mentorship of Eastman School of Music graduate and noted composer Todd Coleman. It is Pressley's largest composition to date. The opera was a first for both Elon's up-and-coming Music Technology program and the University itself as the first major production in the school's history to be composed, authored and directed by a single student.In addition to the live performance of the opera, a full-length studio CD of the opera's music emerged from the project, as well as a live record of the performance. The studio and live CDs were engineered, mixed and mastered by Pressley in their entirety. He also recorded all guitar and bass tracks on the studio CD and designed the album artwork. Samples of the music from "Disease" and clips from the live show can be found on the work samples page of this site.Although Pressley is quick to cite electric guitar as his first love, his intellectual prowess became evident long before he discovered his passion for music and it manifested itself in his life long afterward. In addition to his role as a member of the Elon Honors Fellows and an Elon Presidential Scholar, he is also a member of the communications honors fraternity Lambda Pi Eta and helped found and serve as treasurer of Elon's chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. His grades landed him on the University's Dean's and President's Lists for all but one of his eight semesters at Elon. He also graduated high school as an AP Scholar with Distinction. In his senior year, he won a Superior Award for Commentary Writing from the National Scholastic Press Association, one of just six students to do so out of almost 5000 who were eligible.Despite all of his technical tendencies, Pressley is at his best while onstage. He took private lessons in guitar from the age of 13 on. At age 21, he began to give private guitar instruction of his own to others. As a freshman at Elon, Pressley was chosen as the vocal jazz ensemble's lead guitarist for their spring break 2007 recruitment tour in northern Virginia and Maryland. Pressley was also the lead guitarist for Elon's Fire of the Carolinas Marching Band, the Elon Pep Band, Elon's Electric Ensemble and two different student-run bands, one of which is still active.Pressley uses his spare time to fly-fish, play floorball, (a form of hockey), watch ice hockey and tweak amplifiers. He is a native of Asheville, North Carolina.


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