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Work experience

Aug 2008Present

2nd Grade Teacher

Wayne County Board of Education


Jan 2009Present

Masters of Education

Valdosta State University
Aug 2004May 2008

Bachelors of Science in Education

Valdosta State University

EDAT 6119

EDAT 6119 Reflection

Throughout this course I have gained more knowledge regarding the importance of technology in classrooms. I have also learned about free and easily accessible technology tools that I can use in my own classroom. These include the following: Wordle, Audacity, Wiki, Second Life, and VisualCV.

Artifact 1-Thematic Unit

Summary of Activities Completed

I developed a thematic unit on multiple meaning words that consisted of three lessons. For these lessons I also created a PowerPoint that introduced multiple meaning words. In addition, I videotaped myself teaching lesson 2 of the unit with my 2nd grade class at Jesup Elementary School.

Explanation of the Artifacts: 

The purpose of this assignment was to create a thematic unit that incorporated technology.

The artifacts demonstrate my ability to create a unit that focuses on a Georgia Performance Standard and incorporates various technologies. The developments of this unit allowed me to research and utilize various technologies that could be easily used by second graders.

Explanation of How This Experience Helped Me as a Professional Educator: 

Developing multiple lessons that were based on one theme helped me as a professional educator because I can now create additional thematic units to use in my classroom. I also see the importance of teaching more than one lesson on a topic to further enhance students' learning. Furthermore, I see the importance of integrating technology into any lesson to attain and maintain student engagement.


I think this was an effective unit overall. Each lesson included an attainable objective that the students could meet. In addition, all lessons were aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards. The only improvements I would make would be to make the PowerPoint instructions easier to comprehend for second graders. My students had a difficult time completing their own PowerPoint independently.

Multiple Meaning Unit

Multiple Meaning Lesson 1

Mulitiple Meaning Lesson 2

Multiiple Meaning Lesson 3

Multiple Meaning PowerPoint

-This PowerPoint was created as a visual  to introduce my students to words with multiple meaning words.

Artifact 2-Wordle

Explanation of the Artifacts: 

I created a Wordle on The purpose of this assignment was to create something fun that also describe my favorite things.

Explanation of How This Experience Helped Me as a Professional Educator: 

This assignment helped me become more knowledgeable about how to create and show other people how to create a Wordle. This is a great way for students to introduce themselves at the beginning of the year. I can also use this technology to help students when they learn about adjectives (describing word). Wordle can also be used in lessons instead of using just pen and paper. Students will be more engaged because they will be able to be creative while learning a concept or skill.


I think this artifact was really interesting and useable in an elementary classroom. My Wordle can used as an example to show my students. This is a really simple activity that also used technology. I can not think of any improvements that need to be made.