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LibreOffice , Microsoft Office , OpenOffice Java , MySQL, HTML / CSS, JavaScript , PHP, MATLAB , Basic , C, C + + and assembly programming ◦ Java basic programming tasks which are: ◦ Display of time and date of application. ◦ Calculator. ◦ Multiplication with user interface. ◦ Stone / scissors / bag - games with user interface. ◦ Entering and reading to and from the hard drive via Java programs. ◦ PHP Applications with connectivity to MySQL database where the user can add / modify or delete data from the database. ◦ Website designed in HTML / CSS with functions in JavaScript. ◦ All applications / web pages are available if required Windows and Linux operating Installation of operating systems like Windows or Linux Installation of printer, scanner or routers. ◦ Replacing the hard drive and upgrade the memory and cleaning of laptops. ◦ Built together my own desktop computer from scratch. ◦ Installation and configuration of routers in networks that Lan or Wan . Business Systems and Informationssystem

Work experience


Wallmans Restaurang

2010-2011 Wallmans restaurantI have worked as cash and wardrobe manager at Wallman's restaurants around Skåne.


Setrab Oil Coolers

2010-2011 Setrab Oil CoolersI got a job with Setrab in 2010 where I worked in the spring and autumn when the training does not clash with the work schedule. My job was to produce coolers for cars from scratch. Worked on various machines at the company that drills, pressure squeezing and grinding.

Security Guard

GdR Surveillance and Security

GdR Surveillance and securityI have worked as a fit person to GDR Guarding. My job was to keep track of security at football matches and clubs as well as coverage of the entrances to the Swedbank Stadion.




2005-2008 High School - NTII read electricity program in the first year at NTI high school. Where I specialized in soldering of electronic components. Then I chose Cisco. Within Cisco, I learned a lot about the network and its connection to computers and printers.


Malmö Högskola

2008-2013 Computer Science, Malmo UniversityBachelor's programs in computer science with a focus to software development. The training focuses on programming and software design with Java, UML and MySQL as a tool and an introduction to C programming and assembly programming. During the program, I have read elective courses in web design, information systems and web programming, with a focus on web technologies such as HTML / CSS, JavaScript and PHP.