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Work History


Part time Warehouse Worker/Dockworker

Fedex Freight

PART TIME As a dock worker my responsibilities are to safely unload freight from one trailer and to safely move it to another trailer using a forklift without damaging the freight. Secure the freight to ensure the load doesn't shift while in transit using straps, bars, and rope.

Aug 2015June 2016

Class A Truck Driver

Knight Transportation 

As a over the road truck driver delivering freight to the customer on time in a safely manner is key. Communication with the driver manager is crucial. If i ever feel unsafe to drive whether to road conditions or weather I don't drive until safe to do so. We learned a rule to apply called G.O.A.L ( Get Out and Look) every time we are to back up anywhere even if its a straight back.  

Jan 2014Feb 2015

Oil Rig Worker 

Nabors Well and services

Depending on what part of the rig I was working at the job differed. If I was working on the Derrick ( 70 feet high off the ground) before climbing up I always ensured that my harness was in good condition as well as the safety retraction line inspected them daily. Once I was up there I ensured if we were running the tubing back into the oil well I had to safely latch up the tubing into the tubing elevators yell "latched up" for safety purposes before the rig runner when down with the tubing. If we were pulling out of the oil well with tubing would yell "unlatched" for safety purposes so the rig runner would know when I was ready. If I was working the tubing tongs ( floor hand) I inspected our machinery before using ensured no damage was done. If we were running in the hole I'd safely thread back the tubing with tubing tongs. If pulling out of the oil well id safely unthread the tubing with the tubing tongs. Working the pipe wrack picking up 100-150 pounds of tubing for hours safely of were tired always swap out with another crew worker or stop for little water breaks for safety purposes. Used heavy tools such as sledge hammers, chains, 36-48 inch pipe wrenches, crescent wrenches, and many more.

Jan 2013Jan 2014

Crane operator assistant 

S.O.S Crane and Trucking

As a crane operator assistant communication was priority. I learned how to give crane signals to the crane operator within 20-40 feet of distance. Always ensured when the load was suspended in air to safely navigate the load with a tagline to its designated area with no damage being done anywhere. Learned how to use tie downs on flat bed trailers with straps and chains. Learned what kind of slings to use all depending on the equipment that needed to be suspended in the air.

Jan 2012Jan 2013

Ware house worker

Nippon Express 

As a warehouse worker I had multiple responsibilities. From the staging area I had to ensure that the fork lift driver was bringing the right amount of units in every pallet and the right kind of unit on the pallets before they were loaded into a trailer. I had to ensure no damage of any kind was on the product as well. As a forklift driver from the receiving area I had to safely off load trailers without damaging the product or the trailer from there I had to put them into our inventory in the right section. In the Shipping area I was to ensure all pallets were in good shape as well as the product before loading any kind of product into the trailers with no damage being done to the product or the trailers.


Jun 2015Sep 2019

Class A License

California DMV 
Oct 2016

T.W.I.C Card

Transportation worker identification credential

RSO Training 

Occupational safety councils of America 

Rigging and hand signals

Crane service industries

Forklift certified 

Nippon Express