Gavin Mc Millan

Gavin Mc Millan

Work History

Work History
Sep 2011 - Present

Director, International Sales and Marketing

Sippy Software, Inc.

Was hired to assist SippySoft, a predominantly Ukraine based Company, in establishing itself as a North American leader in VoIP Class 4 / 5 switch technology.  Since September 2011, have led Company defining products, solutions and services for an international clients base that ranges in size from multi-national wholesale telecommunications providers, to regional telephone operators, calling card companies and international VoIP providers.  Most recently, researched, developed the marketing and sales plan, and implementation a “lease to own” in April 2012.  This program has been extremely well received in the market and while aimed at developing nations and smaller Internet telephony operators, it has exceeded initial revenue expectations (approximately $500,000 within 6 months) and is likely to exceed traditional direct sales. 

  • More than quadrupled direct sales in less than 8 months
  • Developed highly successful rent-to-own SaaS and licensed platform sales model
  • Built international partner program across Asia, Europe, Middle East and North/South America.
  • Developed innovative products bundles for developing countries
  • managed corporate promotion through trade-shows, journals, technology websites and blogs
Aug 2007 - Present

President, CEO

Digifonica International Inc.

Have led the restructuring the Company’s sales, marketing and communications strategies, expanding the Company from a $3m enterprise to a company with a market capitalization in excess of $55m. Most notably, within the last 18 months, have undertaken a merger of the company with a significant technology group that is anticipated to further increase the value of the Company and who will take over day-to-day operations and running of the Company.

  • Managed a team of over 40 software designers and engineers
  • Led development of a VoIP infrastructure technology with ability to transfer of in-session call form cellular to wireless (Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX) networks
  • Led OEM sales with Nokia (Finland); as well as regional carriers and mobile providers
  • Led partner sales and bid responses with large clients bases such as the Manchester United Fan Club
  • Managed relationships with CRTC (Canada), FCC (US), OFCOM (UK), and ETSI (Europe)
  • Wrote industry white papers and presented at industry events such as the GSM trade-show
  • Filed 5 PCT patents internationally (including one patent conceived personally)
Sep 2009 - May 2013

Chief Revenue Officer

Macte Labs Inc. / Yippy Inc

Following the merger of Yippy Inc and key business units of Macte Labs, Inc.  Was retained in the capacity of Chief Revenue Officer on a 6 month contract that has been extended on a month-to-month basis.  In this capacity, have provided sales, marketing and business development support to the Company, including introducing advertising and search engine monetization solutions.

This also included introducing an international partner channels, establishing agreements with PCS Wireless and the Chinese develop of android desktop environments "Guobi".  These two companies represent an opportunity to provide tools, solutions and marketing to approximately 300,000,000 (300 million) devices subscribers worldwide.

  • Introduced OEM search solutions for corporate clients to provide through there clients
  • Worked with data repositarys such as Cengage, on search indexing of their eLibraries
  • Increased PageRanks to obtain higher CPM, RPMCPC and CPA results through obtaining access to unique online libraries (such as Cengage, Highbeam and Newser) 
  • Anticipated alternate search, toolbar and ad-revenue increase is expected to reach $15 - $20 million
2000 - 2007

Director Sales, Marketing and Corporate Development

98 Corporate Group Resources

As a sales and business development specialist, was hired by the company to provide due diligence on corporate investments, and to consult directly with start-up and early stage technology and telecommunications companies. Role required coaching senior management and sales staff through leadership coaching combined with direct marketing, sales and business development support.  Additionally, through the global “Entrepreneurs Organization” presented at tradeshows and industry conferences and provided support to entrepreneurs with new start-ups.  

  • Co-Founded a wireless telecommunications company in Havana, Cuba 
  • Bid for, and won the 2nd Wireless ever issued in Cuba (no further licenses issued) 
  • Provided international sales support to SoftHill Technologies, a wireless technology company
  • Managed operations and/or facilitate corporate communications for several mineral exploration and development projects undertaken by the Company
  • Managed projects in Cuba, Ecuador, Mongolia as well as Canada and US.
1996 - 2000

Western Regional Sale Manager, Advanced Network Solutions

AT&T Canada

As the senior sales and marketing representative for AT&T Canada’s national Advanced Network Solutions team; developed marketing and business development programs to promote and extend the AT&T Brand and solutions within national and multi-national fortune 500 companies.  

  • Developed industry and regional specific corporate marketing materials, coordinated trade-show and presentations across Canada and the Pacific Northwest US
  • Built RFP response kits, and developed standardized marketing materials for industry verticals such as Telecom (carrier interconnect), retail, technology, Forestry and manufacturing
1995 - 1996

Business Development/Sales and Marketing Specialist

Steeves and Associates

Responsible for all marketing and sales initiatives for the consulting services division of the company.  In this role, developed a team of full time and part-time consultants and provided sales, project management and team leadership on projects ranging from $1.5 million hardware and consulting sales to development of a national internal network solution for a national pharmaceutical retailer.

1990 - 1995

Network Manager / Senior Sales Specialist


Originally hired to manage the AT&T EasyLink (EDI, X.400 messaging, x.25 and fax-broadcasting solutions).  As the company quickly expanded their footprint in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), took responsibility for all aspects of the design, implementation, and support of AT&T’s telecommunications network.  At 23, I was named the youngest middle manager (at this time) within AT&T globally, and recipient of numerous internal accolades.   Through this role I travelled extensively throughout the region and with extreme frequency to AT&T office(s) in New Jersey for management and network expansion meetings.   Within EMEA I was often the sole representative of the Company with our clients, including principles at incumbent telephony companies within the region.  In this position I negotiated and entered into bi-lateral marketing/sales partnerships with several international telecommunications companies and continue to maintain many of the relationships from this time. 

  • Participant in the IEEE forum that led to RFC 1726 (EDI to MIME encapsulation for Interent use).
  • Certified as ISO 9000-9005 auditor for internal ISO auditing
  • Consulted on the development of Daemon Internet (formerly Daemon BBS) first ISP in UK
1989 - 1990

Business Systems Analyst

Sears UK Ltd. (Millets)

A 9 Month project to designed and implemented a $50 million store wide enhanced point of sale and “just in time” delivery system and automated warehouse management and distribution solution, for a division of Sears UK. 

1987 - 1989

Business Systems Analyst-Developer

NexDay Deliveries

As a college intern and later full time employee, used my knowledge on routing and queuing theory to assisted in the design and development of a barcode based package routing and courier management system.  This system enabled the Company to process and delivery of packages across the UK and Europe through independent logistics companies.  The technology was later sold to FedEx and forms part of their modern barcode based delivery system. 




For over two decades I have been fortunate to travel extensively and meet some of the smartest and most innovative people imaginable.  I have had worked in some amazing environments, with great companies ranging from entrepreneurial startups to multi-national icons. It is the combination of the people, the companies that I have been humbled to work with, that has shaped my career, entrepreneurial spirit, motivation & desire for success, leadership ability, maturity, and my efforts to help the less fortunate. My goal is to continue to learning and building relationships within an adept multi-cultural corporate environment.


Dedicated, well travelled and culturally adept telecommunications professional with over 20 years of experience leading corporate finance, sales, marketing and communications for national, multinational organizations across diverse industries.  

Since 2007, have provided business development and management consulting to companies, offering  long-term sales and marketing platform development, business improvement strategies, key performance indicators, performing market research and product placement, writing business plans, identifying merger and acquisition targets and raising capital.  Primary clients are shown within the work history below.


I love to travel and explore, and have traveled extensively for both recreation and for business and have met many great people along the way.     When not travelling abroad, I also enjoy time on the water, an accomplished sailor and owner of several vessels I have taken numerous trips up the BC coastline, as well as interior lakes.    I also enjoy cooking (have owned my own restaurant) and working relaxing in my garden. 



Sales Director

Have led numerous sales teams with local, national and international focus, ranging from 10 – 40 sales professionals, who have been responsible for continually obtaining profitable results with increased annual targets.  Developing revenue requires a resourceful team, developed through coaching, motivation, counseling, skills development and product knowledge development.   The role of Sales Director requires the knowledge and ability in managing the sales administration function, operational performance reporting, and streamlining of processes and systems, is critical in not only maintaining existing growth, but in developing a sales organization that can flourish and grow exponentially.   This includes:   Development of the annual marketing plan, specifically advising on: realistic forecasts for each product and territory (based on historical data, market trends, competitive activity, promotional strategy and sales effort), realistic costs of operating the sales force; and sales promotion plans. Recruitment, direction, organization and control of sales managers and sales representatives to accomplish specific objectives. Implementation of an appraisal system that describes the responsibilities and performance standards for each member of the sales team, set individual territory sales and commission targets. Personally observing the performance of all sales representatives in the field on a regular basis. Ensure high standards of ongoing training for the representatives so that they possess sufficient knowledge to present company’s products in an articulate, consultative and balanced manner. Responsible for monitoring the performance of the sales team and by establishing a system of reports and communications to senior management and stakeholders that demonstrate the key performance indicators (KPIs) and how the team is performing compared to the strategic plan.

Account Management

As a Key Account manager, have managed the relationship with numerous clients, forming strong bonds that continue past the initial sale, and often the lifetime of my role within the Company.     The quality of the relationships between the company and its clients or customers is what drives business forward, reduces churn, improves customer support and identifies the Company as a brand to do business with.  This relationship is firmly embedded within every interaction with the client, and is a cornerstone in my continued success.

National and International Sales Leadership

For more than 20 years, have provided national/region and International Sales leadership to clients ranging from start-up ventures, to multinational Fortune 500 corporations.  This has included developing teams of Sales Managers, training and directing of sales teams, and development of channel sales and partnerships across the globe.  Utilizing modern sales force, CRM and pipe-line solutions; am able to review sales progress through KPI (Key Performance Indicators), determine market potential, determine customer needs and where necessary; establish pricing of products or services to meet localized market conditions.

Business Analyses

Through both college education and real life experience, have developed an acute ability  to identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems across multiple diverse industries.  In a sales leadership role, this skill is particularly useful in identifying the clients business needs and quickly adapting the product pitch to offer the client current and future solutions.