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Work experience

Jan 2010Present


America Reads
Aug 2006Aug 2009


Peter Parker Products

I assisted with the creation and duplication of magnetic childrens learning supplies.


Aug 2006May 2010

English Literature/ Professional Writing/ Creative Writing

Capital University


Kevin Griffith

My advisor while completing my undergraduate studies at Capital University


Creative Writing

Literary Theory


My name is Robert Mason and I am a triple major in English Literature, Professional Writing, and Creative Writing at Capital University, Class of 2010.  I plan on attending Capital Law School next year.  Much of my undergraduate work focused on more recent works.  I specifically find typography within literature to be intriguing, partly because of its scarcity.

In addition to loving literature and writing, I enjoy working with electronics, specifically in the music field. 

Because my life is focused on english and music, my hobbies are writing short stories and rewiring electronic instruments.  Feel free to look at the pictures and stories in the right hand column.

When I am not working on writing, I am spending time with my fiancee and cat, Sara and Professor.

After Law school I plan on either working as a grant writer or doing non-profit work, but would love to work with a publishing company, should the opportunity arise.

As far as who I am as a person, I believe that people rarely savor life to its fullest and appreciate when a deus ex machina resolves a problem in my life.  I am also a Constitutionalist, but not a Republican.  I embrace most technology, however I belive life is simpler and less materialistic without the use of Social-Networking websites.


Eagle Scout- This was earned through Troop 256 of Pickerington Ohio.

Editor for the Merton Annual- I completed this for my undergraduate internship.  During this time I editted scholarly essays which are to be published this year.