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From childhood I always try to see the unseen . That's why i broke so many toys just to figure out how they operate. When I become younger I feel like something is missing in my life. I always try to find that "something", that's the "thing" that does not make me lose in the crowd. I always give my best and work hard to reach my goal, even if it's 4 am in the morning. It's not easy to rise when you live in a poor and underdeveloped country. It's not easy really. But it's easy to love your surroundings and love your people. I saw a video about a boy in nigeria who made electricity from bi-cycle . That's invention. You use whatever you get, that's optimization. Actually it's the motto of our life.


Jan 2007Aug 2013

Secondary School Certificate

Chittagong Collegiate School
5th grade to 10th grade
Nov 2013Aug 2015

Higher Secondary Certificate

Chittagong College
11th grade to 12th grade


Tech Blogger
I started blogging in a public blogging platform when I was in 8th grade and I won in a blogging competition. I was the youngest among the competitors. 
Game Development
I began game development in 2015, and founded Cupcake Studio. The game development is very funny but hard. But It is a whole new level of the tech world. And I am still working on game development
Logo Designing
I took logo designing jobs when I was working under Fiverr
Web Development
I also develop websites. I know HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP
I started learning guitar in 2013, Mostly I try to do arabic melodies and Spanish flavor 



Chittagong Collegiate School

Chittagong Collegiate School
Excellency on obtaining perfect score 4.00 Golden A+ in Secondary School Certificate

Excellency On Perfect Secondary School Certificate 

Banggabandhu memorial 
Congratulation on obtaining perfect score gpa 4.00 on Secondary School Certificate

2nd Place on District Science Fair Compitition

Chittagong District 
My project "phenom city" won 2nd place in the district science fair, Chittagong. My project was to show a model of a modern city, how it can save the energy and use force to generate electricity.

9th Place TechTodayBD Blogging Compition

I secured my place as 9th among the tech bloggers. I was the youngest among them. 

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Young Innovation Award

Bangladesh ICT development

Bangladesh Government has awarded me 5000$ as a reward for bringing remittence. 


Facebook Bootstrap (Fbstart)


For app development Facebook awarded me FbStart award with 30,000$ worth of digital product to continue my work

Work History



Ifthaker Mobile  App/Game development

My company creates apps and games for smartphones and publish them on popular market like amazon, apple and google play. 


Web Developer

Freelance web developer & wordpress development